Monday, April 04, 2011

The Magic Kingdom Of Landover

By Terry Brooks

Books in the series:
Magic Kingdom For Sale - Sold
The Black Unicorn
Wizard At Large
The Tangle Box
Witches' Brew
A Princess Of Landover

"Chicago lawyer Ben Holiday can't fathom what lies ahead when he purchases Landover-a magical kingdom of chivalry and sorcery-from Meeks, the mysterious seller who placed the ad. Weary and jaded, Ben clings to the ad's promise: 'Escape into your dreams.' But Landover is not the enchanted idyll he expected.

The kingdom is in ruin. The barons refuse to recognize Ben as King, a dragon is decimating the countryside, and a demon lord has challenged any prospective ruler to a fatal duel. To make matters worse, the Paladin, renowned champion of the Kings of Landover, seems to be merely a legend.

Ben's only allies are a bumbling court magician, a talking dog turned court scribe, and the beautiful Willow, who is part girl, part tree. With his friends in tow, Ben sets out to claim the throne. But when Meeks decides he wants Landover back, Ben will face supernatural foes of every stripe to prove himself worthy of the kingship. The question is: Can he survive?"

(above taken from this site, or you can visit Terry's official site by clicking on his name at the start of this post).

This is the series of books I mentioned near the start of February... The series I was enjoying so much that I had finished three and a half books in less than 3 days! Anyway, my Dad recommended these books to me, and when he discovered I was interested in reading them, he decided to get me this series - well, books 1 to 5 anyway - for Christmas. As I already mentioned, I absolutely loved it! It was a truely wonderful and entertaining series, filled with all sorts of magic and magical creatures (such as a dragon who thinks humans read too many fairytales). But if you want to know more, then you're going to have to read the books for yourself... Something that I highly recommend!


AliceKay said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the series of books. :)

Deanna said...

They sound very interesting Tori. Isn't it wonderful when you find a book that keeps your attention and leaves you wanting to read more? Yea!

Intense Guy said...

Always listen to what a dragon says, for you taste good crispy and they have lots of ketchup.


Anonymous said...

Books are always a wonderful gift! Im not a Brooks fan but I used to work in a bookstore and I do know he has tons and tons of them out there LOL Im glad you are enjoying them.

Rita said...

So these are the books you were devouring! Dagan likes these kind of series, but I can't remember if he likes Terry Brooks. A good book series is addictive! :)

Toriz said...

Yes, I enjoyed the books very much!

Yes... Nothing beats a good book!

Very valid and sensible advice... LOL!

These are the first I've read of his... I hope to read more soon, because if they're even half as good as these then they will be fantastic!

Yes... These are the books! I still don't have book 6, but I will get it at some point in the future. Hopefully soon!

You should see if Dagan has read these books, and if he hasn't, suggest he reads them.