Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tuesday - 20:05

I didn't lose any weight this week, but that's OK. I've lost a decent amount in the past month, and since my personal goal was 1lb per week, and I've lost 6lbs 8oz in the past four weeks, then I'm not bothered about having a week where I don't lose anything. Besides, that happens sometimes... Weeks with no weight loss, I mean.


I finished the second armchair throw Saturday evening. I didn't bother taking a photo though, because it's exactly the same as the other armchair throw, so I didn't see the point. Anyway, I gave the set to my Mam yesterday (Monday) and she loves it (she'd made sure not to look at the posts when I posted photos on here, so she hadn't seen it before yesterday).

Sunday I started Louise's scarf. I haven't done as much of it as I would have liked to, but I'll work on it later. I hope Louise likes the scarf as much as Mam likes her throw set!


Three of the courses I was doing are finished now... "Haiku Poetry," "Journalism," and "Basic Writing Skills." The rest will be finishing in the next few days, so by next week I'll be choosing the courses for the next batch; and having Kelly help me sign up for them.


My feet are sore and blistered. I think it's because of my shoes. Plimsoles aren't good walking shoes! It was fine when I wasn't walking much, but now that I'm walking more... Not so much. So I decided I need some decent walking shoes; before my feet get worse!

As it happens, there are sales on in many clothing shops - as well as most other shops - right now. And one of those sales is on walking shoes. So, I ordered myself a pair from Sports Direct's website earlier today. I should have them Thursday or Friday. I ordered a pair for Kelly too, since his old ones are in need of replacing, and it cost less for both pairs and the delivery charge than it did for his before, so I figured now - while the sale was on - would be a good time to get his replaced... Especially since I was paying the delivery charge for mine anyway, so his are technically being delivered for free.

The course I did on "Walking For Health" not long ago was stressing the importance of having decent walking shoes, and since I didn't - as already mentioned - I figured I really should. In these past few years (since I stopped walking as much) I haven't bothered to get more than plimsoles or other light weight shoes that aren't really meant for walking, so I figured it was time I changed that and got a decent pair of walking shoes.

I should get some decent socks too, but I'm still trying to figure out what decent socks would be.


You may or may not have noticed, but I've been adding "topics" to my posts. I still have loads of old posts to add labels to, but after putting labels on almost a hundred posts I got bored of it for now. LOL! I started it because I was looking for a post the other day and finding it hard to find, so I figured if I add labels to my posts then in future I'll be able to find them easier. At least, I hope I will, anyway. I'll finish adding labels as and when I have the time and inclination to do so. I have almost 2000 posts on my blog though, so it could take me a while to get them all done.


Furry Bottoms said...

I need new walking shoes too! I love my sketcher tone-ups., but those get expensive to replace.

Your weight loss is awesome for 4 weeks!

Rita said...

You're doing great and I bet you will be revved up to do more walking once you get good shoes, too. Cool! Sounds like a good deal for both of you to get new shoes.

You get done with one project and then there's another one waiting. Keeps us out of trouble, eh? I have been rather lax on the crafts and art this year. Doing so much more reading and audios and journaling and such so far. Spring makes me feel like switching it up a bit, tho. ;)

No, I didn't notice you adding topics. I have never done that on my blog and it would be overwhelming to go back and add them. Wow! You have a lot of patience! :)

Have fun on walkies with your new shoes!! :):)

Sandra said...

Congrats on staying positive and focussed on your weight loss goals.
I think putting posts in to "topics" is a great idea, and if you can do it, awesome! My posts are so random, I fear my poor laptop would end up in a pile by the desk before I could complete the task.

Intense Guy said...

Wow.. 2,000 posts... it is a mind boggling task to go back and label them all.

Good shoes are a must! I hope they fit well - as for socks - I use really thick wool ones - from a an american company called woolrich. They are mean for walkers and hikers and absorb lots of moisture. They look much like these:


They aren't inexpensive though.

AliceKay said...

You're within your goal and that in itself is a great accomplishment. Keep up the good work. :)

I hope we will get to see a picture of the finished scarf you're making for Louise.

I have problems finding proper fitting shoes. I have a long narrow foot with a high arch. If the shoes don't have that arch, I tend to get toe cramps. Sometimes while sitting back in the recliner (like when i watch a movie and don't have shoes on at all) I'll get toe cramps...either while I'm still watching or else later on. It's almost a given. Getting toe cramps in both feet at the same time hurts like crazy. The only way I can buy a pair of shoes is to try them on in the store, and then I usually have to try on several pair before I can find a pair that feels okay. I've been buying New Balance brand athletic shoes at JC Penney lately. And wouldn't you know it, the model shoe I've been wearing the past couple of years is no longer available. I had to buy different ones a couple of months ago and they hurt my feet. :\

I noticed you were starting to add Topics to your blog. Wow, 2000 posts would take a long time to label.

Toriz said...

That's how I came to just be wearing plimsoles... They only cost £5 (about $10) even at their normal price, usually. Decent walking shoes end up costing at least twice that even when they're on sale!

Thanks... About the weight loss. :)

Yeah, hopefully they'll be encouragement.

Yep, it was a good deal!

Yep, as fast as one project is done, another is ready to start... Still, at least we can't say we're bored! ;)

Yeah, it's a long job adding all the labels. I have done a couple of hundred posts now, but I think I need a break from it for a few days... I don't think I could sit and do the whole almost 2000 (I think it's around 1950 actually, but there are a bunch of draft and scheduled posts on top of that, and I can't be bothered to check the number of published posts right now). I do have a lot of patience, but not enough to do it all at once. Still, it will give me something to do for a while in between craft projects and walks. LOL!

Hi... Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

Thanks (about the weight loss).

My posts are pretty random sometimes too. That's part of why I'm doing it... It's impossible to remember what I was talking about at any given time (other than a couple of events) so if I'm looking for a post on a spacific topic I don't know where to start looking. And with so many posts, I really don't want to keep having to scroll through every post that comes up if I can help it. If I can narrow the search down some it will be much easier. I know there's the "search" option, but that sometimes wont show things up if you haven't done the whole word, or other times shows up posts that aren't what you asked it to look for. I did think long and hard about doing the topics thing... Because of how many posts there are... But I decided it's worth it in the long run. I just wish I'd decided to do it when topics first existed... About 800 posts ago! LOL!

You're telling me! But I think it will be worthwhile in the end. At least - once it's done - I wont have to do it again. And, in the meantime, I can label new posts as I do them, so at least they wont add to the number still in need of labels. Anyway, it is't quite 2000 posts... Pretty close mind!

I'll take a look at those socks... Thanks for the link! :)

That's the thing with quality items... They cost a lot, because companies know people who seriously want them will pay it.

Thanks (about the weight loss thing). :)

Yes, I'll make sure I take a picture of the scarf after I've finished it!

That must be a real pain - literally - with your feet and getting new shoes that are comfortable! And it doesn't help when companies stop doing things you've always used. I hate when that happens!

I've so far labeled a couple of hundred of them. I'll get them all done eventually though!