Friday, November 22, 2019

Friends Of #FurkidFriday: Duke

Hi everyone. This is Logan the Cavapoo.

It's my turn to have a friend come to visit. His name is Duke. Are you ready to meet him?

Hey, Duke, how did you get your name? I know the humans have reasons for naming us what they do, so I thought I'd ask.

My parents didn’t name me, I was already named Duke when they picked me up from the shelter. They said if they had gotten to name me, my name would be Hoover, because I inhale food like a vacuum cleaner. My dad’s nickname for me is Duke E. Pants. My mom’s nickname for me is Dukeolos, kind of like my dad’s name, Nicholas.

I don't blame you on the food thing... I love food too! Also, I have nicknames as well, though obviously different ones to yours. Oh, Mummy says she likes the one where your name sounds similar to your Dad's name. Anyway, what species and breed are you?

I’m a dog, though my parents also say I’m part pig. I’m a mix of Boxer, Great Dane, and Lab. No pig. My parents are wrong about that. Though, I wouldn’t mind trying pig food.

Pigs get their own special food? I have to try that! Erm... Sorry... Yes, you were saying you're a mixed breed dog... Right. Can you describe your appearance, so everyone knows what you look like? I know you've sent a photo - and I'll share that in a moment - but please describe yourself too, for the benefit of those who can’t see the photo.

I’m super cute, and I’m really good at using that to my advantage, mostly to get treats. I’m white with lots of black spots, I have one big black spot near my tail that is the perfect “scratch here” spot. I love to be scratched and rubbed there! I also only have three legs because I had to have my front right leg amputated. I get around perfectly fine, but it’s great for getting people in the park to give me treats.

Using your cuteness to get extra treats... I love it! Good for you. Anyway, here's that photo, for those who can see it:

So, Duke, what sort of place do you live in? Who do you share it with?

I live in a house with my mom and dad, my dog brother, and six cat siblings. We have a fenced in backyard that I like to play in with my dog brother. Sometimes I’m naughty and leave the fence without permission, but my parents have done a lot of work on the fence to keep me from doing that, so I’ve been pretty good lately. My grampy says all they need is razor wire, and they could keep inmates in our backyard. I don’t know about that, but I do know that we live really close to lots of fast food restaurants. I can smell them from the backyard. They smell so yummy!

Well, no wonder you want to get out of the yard if you can smell those! We live near lots too, so I know how yummy the food smells. How do the humans expect us to ignore that? Anyway, what’s your favourite thing to do?

Eat!!!! I love food! It’s just so delicious! Sometimes mom takes me to work with her, and I really like that. I don’t know why she isn’t more excited to go to work every day. Whenever I go, people feed me treats and cookies. Once a very nice lady knew I was coming, and she brought me a gigantic bone that was delicious. Then usually someone takes me on a nice long walk. Some of the other people in the building have a lot more keys and cards than Mom does, so they take me on really cool walks to different places. They also sneak me extra treats Mom doesn’t know about. After my walk I usually take a nap in Mom’s office. So going to work is pretty awesome. The other thing I really love is cuddling on the couch with Dad. He lets me lay on top of him, even though I’m big. He’s the person I love the most in the world, so I’m really happy when I’m cuddled up with him.

Eating, exploring, and cuddling... Ah! A dog after my own heart! Although, I like to cuddle with Mummy best. Anyway, do you like to play with toys too? If you do, do you have a favourite toy? If yes, what is it?

I like most of my plush squeaky toys, but my favourite toy is a big plush parrot my parents bought me when we went on vacation last year. It’s nice and big, and I like the sound the squeaker makes.

Oh, yes, the squeaker sound is great, isn't it? The only thing better than a squeaky toy is a tuggy toy, if you ask me, but squeaky toys are awesome! Speaking of things that are awesome, since it's the best thing ever, let's talk about food again, OK? So, Duke, tell me, what’s your favourite food?

Do you really expect me to pick just ONE?!?! I LOVE food. Let’s see, I love cheeseburgers. Sometimes they buy me one when we go for a ride in the car, and I love that. Drive-thrus are so much fun! I’ve stolen a lot of food in my time, so I’ve tried a lot of things. Some of my favourites have been King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls (I ate two big packages Mom and Dad had bought for a party), pumpkin pie, pineapple upside down cake, and a hot dog with chili. Oh, peanut butter is another good one! They put that in my Kong sometimes, and I love it.

I totally understand it being hard to choose. I'd have a tough time too. Great choices though... Especially the hotdog and peanut butter. Though I haven't tried a hotdog with chilli on. Even Mummy has peanut butter lots though, and she's good at sharing. I'm training her well, and she does lots of stuff like that, which I love. Hey, Duke, speaking of great things the humans do, what’s the one thing your human does that you love most?

Feed me!!!! Other than that, I love it when they let me sleep in the bed between them, and they both pet me.

You're definitely a dog after my own heart! I'm sure it's not always food and cuddle time though, since they sometimes do things we don't like - no matter how well trained we think they are. So, what’s the one thing your human does that you hate most?

Listen to the vet when he says I need to go on a diet. Dad’s more of a stickler about that, but sometimes Mom tries it too.

Oh, no! I've been told that means treat rationing... I don't like the sound of that! Hope they don't do that often. I also hope mine don't try anything like that. By the way, speaking of your humans, I happen to know your human is a writer/blogger. Has she written anything about you? If yes, can you tell us about it? If no, do you think she will in the future?

My mom has written a few blog posts about me. She wrote about me when they first brought me home to foster me, and when they decided they couldn’t live without me and adopted me. She also writes about me sometimes when I steal food. And she likes to put my pictures on her blog. I’m cute, so I understand why.

Oh, absolutely! I'm glad you get lots of posts about you on her blog, and am sure you get as many nice comments about your photos as me and Lilie do about ours. So, when she's writing those, what do you do?

If Dad is home I cuddle up with him because Mom usually writes at night, and there’s more room in the bed when she’s not in it. If Dad isn’t home, I sit next to Mom on the couch.

Sounds like a great plan. Speaking of plans, Mummy is doing something in the kitchen with food, and I plan to try and get some, so we need to end this. Before we do though, is there anything else you’d like people to know about you?

My first family didn’t take care of me, and I got really sick. They left me at a shelter. The people there were really nice, but it was still kind of scary, and I really wanted my own house to rest and get better in. That shelter got in touch with another shelter, and they found my mom and dad to come get me from the shelter. I had to go to the vet a lot, and I felt really bad for a long time, but I eventually got better. My leg that was amputated was in really bad shape then, too, and I felt a lot better, and could move around a lot more, once they amputated it. Sometimes people tell my parents they think it must be really hard to have a handicapped dog, or to have spent so much time taking care of me when I was sick. It’s not hard for them, though. I’m just like any other dog, I just look a little different. Please don’t feel sorry for dogs who are considered handicapped. We live full and happy lives. If you want a dog to be part of your family I really think you should get one from the shelter, especially if there’s somebody who’s sick or hurt and you’re able to take care of them. It’s really nice to have your own home to get better in, and your own family to love you. They’ll repay you with more love than you can imagine. Also, I love it when people feed me.

I'm sorry your first family didn't take care of you properly, but I'm glad you got better, and found a home where you could get better in comfort and safety, as well as get lots of love and food. I hope lots of other dogs get to be as lucky as you, and that people realize only having three legs doesn't stop dogs being happy and active family members.


Duke's Mom, Danielle, blogs at, so pop over there and get to know her.


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CarolCooks2 said...

Hey Logan and Duke a new friend ...Saangchai here I came from a shelter like
you Duke and I now have my forever home...I love food just like you...Anything as long as I can eat it...But I think it is cos I had to scrap for food when I was on the streets Now I get nice food my mum cooks chicken for me she won't let me have anything else but what she cooks..I also get taken for nice walks ...I am sure you do to ...Nice to meet you...Woof Saangchai...

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for visiting! Yes, food is the best! I'm sorry you had all those times when you had to scrounge for food while on the streets, but glad you get nice home cooked meals now.

Lots of licks,