Saturday, August 14, 2010

Babbling 'bout babies (kinda FD)

The reason for my comment about how Kero and I needed to go to my parents' place for the day worked out well for me was because Mam babysits baby Emma-Jane on a Wednesday. This meant that on Wednesday morning Dad had a car full, since they had Emma-Jane with them already when they picked us up. Dad was driver for the day, because Wednesday is shopping day for my parents, so they were going shopping after grabbing Kero and I. Actually, that's part of the reason why I was picked up too... Someone had to stay in the car with Kero. Before shopping though, we stopped at the petrol station to put some air in Dad's tires. While we were there, I took these photos of Emma-Jane in her car seat.

Then - after the garage - Kero and I stayed in the car while Mam, Dad and Emma-Jane went shopping. When we got back to my parents' place, Emma-Jane had some play time, then I fed her and she fell asleep in my arms. After her nap was over she was ready for more food and play time, so Mam gave her some food, then she played for a while in her bouncer while we had cartoons on to amuse her, since she likes the fast movement in cartoons like Tom And Jerry. While she was in her bouncer, we got these photos.

I stayed with my parents for dinner, so by the time I was going home so was Emma-Jane.

Then, this past Wednesday, Mam invited me up there for the day to see her again. I didn't realise before we left that we were stopping to see baby Michael on the way to my parents' place or I'd have taken my camera with me again so I could get some new photos of him. I did have my phone with me, but only thought about using the camera on it afterwards, which is why I have no new photo of baby Michael, but do have another of Emma-Jane. This time taken while she was laying on her changing mat on the floor for a kick about... She was fully dressed, but laying on there so she had freedom to kick her legs about.

Shortly after this photo was taken, Emma-Jane rolled herself on to her stomach for the very first time. And, just before this photo was taken, she held her own bottle for the very first time during her feed. She didn't manage it for the full feed, but come on, she's only about 4 and a half months old, so she's doing really well. At least, I think she is.

Baby Michael hasn't reached any milestones yet, but he's only a little over three weeks old now, so nobody expects him to be doing more than eating, sleeping, filling his nappy, crying and growing. And he's doing those things. Although he is a bit slower putting on weight than everyone would like him to be, so isn't quite as heavy as expected for a baby his age (given how heavy he was when he was born). He'll get there though.

Sorry I don't have new photos of baby Michael... I really have to stop leaving my camera behind!

And, the final part of this baby themed post...

Mam had Emma-Jane again yesterday, and was coming to town with her, so she brought her to see me. We went for a walk with Kero, then Mam, Emma-Jane and I went up town, and I got to push the pushchair for a bit up town. Then we came back to my place, and I had a quick little cuddle before Mam and Emma-Jane left. It would have been a longer cuddle, but she was tired, so I wanted to let her go in her car seat and sleep before she started to get over tired and grumpy. She's usually a happy little thing, but not if she's tired, hungry, or dirty.

I'm really proud of Kero with her, since the car seat was on the floor in our living room for a bit, and he just sniffed at her, then got bored and left her alone. I think her pulling his fur during their first meeting has made him reluctant to stay too close for too long.


Deanna said...

Emma Jane sure is a cutie. I'm glad you are getting to spend so much time with her. What fun!

That's funny about Kero leaving her alone, but I suspect you are right... Kero's no dummy!

AliceKay said...

Emma-Jane is adorable. I think it's great you get to spend time with her. I bet she loves having you cuddle and feed her. Thanks for posting her pictures. :)

Yep, I think Kero learned the first time around. LOL

Intense Guy said...

:) I just love how you can hear the happiness in your writting... Emma Jane is really bring some smiles.

And Kero's a smart little boy..

Toriz said...

Yeah, Kero is a smart dog... Hopefully she wont give him too much hastle when she learns to crawl after him as he tries to escape.

I agree, she is a cutie. I'm getting to see Emma-Jane usually once a week or more. Shame I don't see Michael that much though.

Rita said...

Yup! Kero's smart. She'd grab a handful of fur if she had the chance. ;)

Babies are so curious. Emma-Jane looks like a little charmer--and you were there for some "firsts"!! You can tell you had a great time with her. And you got to see little Michael, too. Nice post! :)

Toriz said...

Glad you enjoyed the post. :)

Yes, I was there for some firsts. And was the first to notice that her tooth had finally cut the other day too.

Yeah, everyone adores little Emma-Jane. She's such a sweet baby, and her Mami is so lucky... She sleeps for close to 12 hours each night, only waking maybe once or twice - if that - during that time. Yet she still takes short naps in the day. No wonder she's usually so happy!

Little Michael goes more by the way a baby of his age should be sleeping... about 3 hour stints, with plenty of noise to alert anyone within earshot that he's awake and ready for more food. Hopefully by the time he's Emma-Jane's age (there's 4 months between them) he'll be sleeping as much as she does (or at least close to that amount).

MarmiteToasty said...