Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tweet, tweet

I just wanted to share a couple of new bird photos with you. Well, I say new, but they were actually taken about a month ago. Still, here they are anyway.


AliceKay said...

Looks like you have a happy little bird eating away at one of your feeders. That second shot is great. :)

Hope you're having a good Saturday.

Rita said...

So they hang on the sides to eat? Are they the kind of bird-feeder that are all stuck together and they dig out the seeds? Or are small seeds poured n there and they get them out thru little holes or something? Just curious how they worked. Nice that you feed them. Especially during the winter, they really appreciate the help, don't they? :):)

Toriz said...

Yeah, they seem to enjoy the feeder. :)

We pour the seeds in, they get them out. Although, we do have a basket thing on the feeder that we put treats on that are all stuck together... Those tend to go really fast, so I'm guessing they like those. ;)

We started feeding them in the Winter. Not this last Winter, but the one before. It was cold, and there was a lot of ice on the ground, and I heard them out there and felt sorry for them trying to find food. So, I sent Kelly up town for some seed for them. This past Winter my Mam brought me the feeder you see in the photos... It was part of my birthday present (she also brought me a bread maker).

Intense Guy said...


Its kind of nice to see you are back in the ol' flat again and catching some pretty cool bird shots!!

I hope Kelly gets the paint brush out for doing the shed soon!


LadyStyx said...

Almost enough to make me wanna go get a feeder again. We have this beautiful pair of cardinals that nest in the trees behind our townhouse and some mourning doves as well. Would be great to get them to come closer to the house so I can get some decent shots of them.

Toriz said...

Yeah, that would be nice. ;)

You should do that!