Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby filled Monday

I had another totally baby filled day on Monday. Mam took me up town (Nan came too) and I brought a pink Lullaby Glowworm for Emma-Jane, and a blue Lullaby Glowworm for Michael, so I wanted to take them to them. It wasn't a spur of the moment thing. I'd already planned to buy them for them, and arranged to go and deliver them to the babies. Well, I'd arranged to go see Michael anyway. Going to see Emma-Jane was a spur of the moment thing. But that's not really important.

Anyway, Mam wanted to take Nan home before we went to Iceland to do a bit of shopping, so it fit in with my plans and we took Nan home then went to see Elizabeth and baby Michael.

Elizabeth was feeding him when we got there, but I did get a cuddle. I also got a photo.

I hope he keeps those curls his hair seems to have.

Michael is now 5 weeks old. He turned 5 weeks old yesterday (Tuesday). He still isn't doing much, but he is showing signs of really paying attention to the world around him, which is all you can really expect from a baby of that age. I'm no expert, but I think he's going to be another quick baby when it comes to holding his head up, trying to sit up, etc.

He's finally putting weight on at a better pace for a baby of his age (which is the only thing that he was a bit behind on). I don't remember what his weight is now, but Elizabeth says he's started to nicely gain weight now, and he definately feels heavier to me. Besides, he's her baby, so she should know if he's gaining weight properly or not.

Anyway, after we spent a bit of time with Elizabeth and Michael, we were going to go straight back in to town, since I see Emma-Jane a lot anyway, so could give her her toy next time. But then Mam decided we would go and see Louise and Emma-Jane after all, and I wasn't about to argue against seeing that little cutie again. Especially since I'm not seeing her today, because Mam is going away tomorrow, so she decided not to arrange to pick me up. That way she at least gets the evening with Dad before she goes away tomorrow.

As luck would have it, we decided to see if Louise and Emma-Jane were at Jane (Louise's mother)'s house, because that's where they were (we checked there first since we would have to pass it on the way to Louise's house anyway). So we went in and spent some time with Louise, Jane, Chelsea and Emma-Jane. Well, mostly Jane and Emma-Jane, because Louise had to go out soon after we got there, and Chelsea - being 12, so almost a teenager - isn't big on socializing with anyone not around her own age now. But that's irelavant.

Emma-Jane was actually fast asleep when we got there, but she woke up during our visit. Mam, Jane and I were in the kitchen drinking tea, so when we heard her wake up Jane said I could go see her by myself. So I got some quality one on one time with her during one of her happiest times (she's one of those babies who wakes up happy and full of smiles and giggles).

I showed her the toy, and she liked it. She grabbed it right away, and has already figured out how to press the button on its stomach that makes it light up and play the tunes.

She's really learning things fast, that's for sure! She can now crawl backwards. Well, I suppose you would call it a crawl, though she's actually on her back when she does it. She hasn't figured out about going forward yet though, and gets really cross if she runs out of space to move backwards in. With how quick she's gone from rolling over to moving backwards though - and how eager she is to be on her feet and on the move - I don't think it will be too long before she figures out not only how to go forward, but also how to crawl the right way up, and how to sit up properly on her own too.

She discovered my talking watch the other day, and on Monday was desperately trying to work the buttons. Well, I guess that's better than what she did at first, which was to try and eat it. I'd much rather have to reset the time than have my watch drown in baby drool. ;)

No photos of Emma-Jane today, because I didn't get an oppertunity to take any. Taking a photo while holding a wriggling baby just wasn't going to work, and I knew that without even trying.


Deanna said...

Those babies are adorable and grow up so fast. The glow worms sound like the perfect gift. You are so sweet to think of it.

Sounds like a wonderful day.

Celticspirit said...

It sounds like you get along really well with babies and they really love you. That was super nice of you to buy the gifts for them as well. Love the baby pics. They are both adorable!

AliceKay said...

The Glowworms were a nice idea. :) I remember getting my kids one when they were little. (they've changed in style a little since then)

Michael is growing right up there. That picture of him is really cute. :)

It sounds like Emma-Jane is growing right up there, too. She'll be walking in no time (and getting into things). And I agree with you....having to reset a watch is better than having one with drool all over it. LOL

Rita said...

Presents for no reason are the very best!! So nice that you had time with both of them--and some alone time with Emma-Jane. They do grow up sooo fast! :)

I'd rather reset the time, too--hehe!

Intense Guy said...


I just enjoy the sound of happiness in your voice - it comes across in your writting...

:) Michael and Emma have been very good for you too -

Toriz said...

Yes, I agree... They are adorable. :)

And, yes, it was a wonderful day.

I've been helping to look after babies since I was hardly more than one myself, so I have a rough idea what I'm doing. I think it helps though that babies like people to be silly and mess about with them, and I'm good at being an idiot. ;)

I had one when I was little too. Every baby should have one! I don't remember mine playing a tune though... And it definately was at least slightly different from these ones.

Glad you liked the photo of Michael.

And, yes, Emma-Jane will be walking in no time, and then there'll be no stopping her. She's raring to go, and will be on the move just as soon as she figures out how.

Yes, I agree... Presents for no reason are the best. :)

And, I'm not surprised you agree about the watch. ;)

It's hard not to smile when a baby smiles and chuckles at you.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh you know I had to scroll down to to find pictures of this infamous Emma Jane. They're both such cuties!! Lucky you to have them to visit and cuddle with. You're so right, it's hard to be sad when you have babies smiling and cooing at you :)

Toriz said...

Glad you enjoyed the photos. :)