Monday, August 30, 2010

More from Welsh Weyr gaming club (LBE and FD)

First, the second of the two gaming days (well, OK, the second was more like a very eventful normal club session, but gaming day will do, since it was a sort of gaming event).

So... It was a few weeks ago that it happened, but I'm finally getting around to posting the photos from the other gaming session from while Carl was visiting. Now, I still don't have all the games we play included with the photos, since Hordes, BattleTech and Monsterpocalypse didn't happen during the days I took these photos. Neither did a few other systems that many of the club members enjoy (such as Mordheim and Necromunda) because we ran out of time. But here are some photos of the systems that did get played while I had the camera out (I am hoping to add the other systems we play to my collection of club photos soon).

Firstly, Warhammer Fantasy. Not one I'm fond of myself, but it's a popular one among many of the club members (both old members and new members). These first two photos are of Owen's Chaos Marauders army (yes, the same Owen from the story telling event I went to recently... He's started coming to club sessions at our gaming club sometimes again).

Same game, different army... This time Lee's Orcs.

Next, here's a photo from just after Julian and Ian set up their Bloodbowl game. Ian was playing his Chaos Dwarves team, Julian was playing his Dark Elves team.

Another Warhammer game. This time Warhammer 40K. This one I used to play, but there are just too many figures for my liking, and it takes so long to set up that by the time we do I don't want to play any more. So, I stopped playing it and am selling the few figures I still had (some of them worked for Kelly's army, so he has them). Anyway...

These next photos are of Carl's Necrons army.

Same game, different army... The next couple of photos are of Phil G's Daemon Hunter army.

And now, Star Wars. Firstly, my New Republic army.

And this next photo is of Gareth's army. I'm not 100% sure what his army was now though. I know it was one of the dark side armies, because mine was a light side army, and the game has to be played with light side vs dark side. But beyond that... *Shrugs*...

Another photo from our Star Wars game. This one was taken partly through the game.

And here are some photos from the Dungeons And Dragons miniatures game. This first one is of Carl's Borderlands army. Lots of demons and things... This was an evil army, though it is possible to make one that isn't evil for the Borderlands faction.

This is my army for the same game. My good Civilization army. Again, you can make good or evil for the same faction, but I chose to go with good for my army.

I actually had two games of Dungeons And Dragons. My second game was with Gareth, but as he didn't have any figuures himself, I loaned him some of my civilization army (about half the figures you see above) and I used my Wild army, which is my evil army, and which is pictured below.

Just to clarify... For anyone wondering and unsure... No, the D and D miniatures game doesn't have to be good vs evil, or even different army/faction vs different army/faction. The only one that rule really applies to is the Star Wars miniatures game. Almost every other system played at the club isn't affected by that rule. You can even play the exact same figures against each other in most of the games. I mean, I played my Cryx army for Warmachine against Julian's Cryx army for Warmachine a little while ago.

I'm not sure who won in the games I wasn't involved in, but I can tell you that I won my D and D game against Carl, but lost both the D and D game and the Star Wars game against Gareth.

The only other game played that day was another Flames Of War game between Carl and Kelly. Pictures of which can be found on Kelly's blog, since he posted them the other day.

There was no buffet this time though, since it was technically just a normal gaming session. Everyone took tuck with them though, and just sort of grabbed stuff as and when they wanted to eat, or as and when they had time to do so between games they were playing.

The roleplaying session from the day before went fantastically too. It was a system called ShadowRun, which is sort of new to us. I say sort of, because some have tried it before, others haven't. Anyway, the session went well, a lot got done, and everyone enjoyed the system. My character for this one was a sort of 21st century Native American... Picture a traditional Native American - complete with bow and arrow and tomahawk (I'm not sure if I spelled that right or not) - only with magical abilities to enhance her fighting and nature themed skills (such as tracking and such), and various electronic gadgets that were either essential for players to have, or that would aid her in her skills in one way or another. She was fun to play, and I plan to use her for an upcoming ShadowRun campaign being run at the club in the not too distant future by Julian.


Although a Warmachine game didn't happen on that gaming event/gaming day, Gareth and I had a game two weeks later. Here's a photo taken during the game. The armies are my Cryx army (the black figures) and Gareth's Protectorate Of Menoth army (the white figgures).

We have also tried out two new figure game systems. One of them I liked, the other I liked the idea of, but found too complicated to play. Not complicated rulewise, but complicated as in fiddly, and difficult for me personally to play.

The game that I liked was a dinosaur figure game called DinoMight, which is quite easy to get the hang of the rules for, quick to play, and only requires a couple of figures to play. And some of the available figures are Triceratops models, which is great in my opinion, since that is - and always has been - my absolute favourite kind of dinosaur.

Here are some photos from one of the DinoMight games Dad and I have played. Starting with one of my Triceratops models (I have two of them, but since they look exactly the same we figured it was pointless taking photos of both of them).

And these are Dad's dinosaurs. They aren't official dinosaurs for the game, but they are more or less the same size, so they will do for now at least. I don't remember what they actually are, nor what he was using them as. But here they are anyway...

And here's a photo of our game in progress.

Anyway, the game I liked the idea of but found too difficult to manage to play was called The Uncharted Seas. As suggested by the name, it's a boat themed game where fleets of boats battle each other at sea. Great concept, great models, simple rules... But too fiddly for me to play, since it will be too easy for me to knock over - and possibly break - the fragile little - well, kind of little - boats used for playing the game. It has had a popular reception with everyone else who has tried it out - or watched it being tried out - so far though. There's a game similar to it based on space ships, which many people from the club are also excited about, though I'm not, because the models for that are more fragile due to being on small thin stands rather than flush with the table. Ah well, I have plenty of games I'm playing now anyway, so I'm not all that bothered about adding new ones to the list. Learning the rules for the ones I've recently started playing is enough to be getting on with anyway, I think. In fact, I don't think, I know! LOL! Of course, that doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested if someone was to tell me about a new game, since - you never know - it could end up being my new favourite game, or the next big hit at the club. I just mean that I'm not really all that bothered that I can't play the game, since it's not like I'm short of systems to play. ;)

OK... I will share any other photos I get as and when I get them. In the meantime, if you haven't already done so - and want to see them - don't forget about the Flames Of War photos that Kelly has posted on his blog from his game with Carl for you all to see.


Intense Guy said...

I just can't get over how elaborate and detailed all these games are!!

How long does it take to play a "typical" (if there is such a thing) game?

The dinosaurs look cool! :)

Toriz said...

It depends on the game. Games like DinoMight average between 30 minutes and an hour (depending on dice rolls), games like Warmachine take between 30 minutes and 3 hours (depending on dice rolls, and whether or not you inforce the official 40 minutes for a game rule), and games like Warhammer 40K take 2 hours plus (depending on the battle size, dice rolls, and number of breaks taken during the game). So it depends on the system, but also the players, distractions, and dice rolls.

Deanna said...

I think I am in shock. This is all so confusing! You did a great job of explaining it all, but it is so complicated. I don't believe I could ever figure it out. I am very impressed with it all. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Toriz said...

Yeah, it does take some time to get your head around the rules for the different systems. That's why we keep rulebooks on hand during games, and why some people often get interrupted during their games to be asked about a system they may know more about than someone else.

Rita said...

Tori--That's a lot of different games!! And a lot of different creatures and warriors and such--wow! I have never understood all the gaming rules, but Dagan and Leah are gamers and have been for years. Dagan since he was 10 years old! They play Shadowrun. Love making up the landscapes, towns, characters--campaigns. They have campaigns that go on for weeks and weeks, I believe. (They meet once a week, I think, for each campaign). It's one of those things that when people get into it they love it. Just plain fun, I guess. And it is quite a social network, too. :) Thanks for sharing!!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you enjoy your gaming sessions. Thanks for posting the pictures and explaining the games. (sounds a bit confusing to me too)

Toriz said...

I wondered what they played. A campaign usually goes on for a while, so you could find their once a week session is just part of it. Either that or they're doing mini campaignes/adventures.

That's OK. Glad you enjoyed the post anyway. :)