Monday, August 30, 2010


It was last week that I wrote the post that was published earlier, so I didn't know at the time that these photos would be taken on Sunday, and since I wasn't sure when Iggy would have the free time to sort them for me, I decided to leave the post as it was - insisting there were no Monsterpocalypse photos yet - and post these when I could. And since I can now post them... Well, basically, here they are. They are from the Monsterpocalypse game I had with Wayne Sunday (yesterday) afternoon at the gaming club session. Firstly, here's a photo of the game shortly after we set up and made a start on playing. I was using my Empire Of The Apes (monkeys, monkeys, and more monkeys) faction/army, and Wayne was using his Ubercorpe International (mechanical creatures) faction/army.

The large monsters are simply called, "monsters," (though they do have their own names, and also alpha and hyper forms... Hence us having two of them on the mat in the above photo), but the little monsters are called, "units," (and also have their own individual names). Here's a photo of my Gakura monster's alpha form, and my Howitzer Ape unit (well, one of them).

Here's a photo of my Howitzer Ape units, and some of Wayne's units. Kelly and I aren't too sure of which of Wayne's are which though, so I can't properly name his units for you, sorry.

Another photo of mine and Wayne's units, this time with Wayne's monster (Cyber King Kondo).

Wayne's units, and my Gakura.

So, there you go. That's Monsterpocalypse.

I did have Savage Swarm (giant radioactive bugs) as my faction/army. But Dad wanted those, and I was much more enthusiastic about the idea of an army of monkeys, so he brought me my Gakura in return for me giving him my Mucustos (Savage Swarm monster). Then we did some trading of units, so that I now have 12 monkey units and my Gakura, and he has Mucustos and a bunch of bug units (as well as several others, since Dad has other factions/armies too).


swooley said...

Monsterpocalypse! Alright! It's an incredible game.

We've got a big Monsterpocalypse communtiy up and running at if you ever want to really dive into the game. Also, if you have any questions or just want to chat about Monpoc, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at

It's always great to see new players entering the wonderful realm of Monpoc =) I'm curious, how'd the Apes v. UCI game go?

Toriz said...

The apes lost, but only just... Due to poor rolls on my part, and not enough strikes being rolled.

AliceKay said...

I've never heard of this game, but then I'm not into gaming so that's probably why. I hope you enjoy this game as well as the others you play.

Rita said...

Crazed monkey fighters! They sound funnier to me. ;)

Looks like you guys had a great time and that you and your dad liked your trades. :)

Toriz said...

Don't feel bad... I hadn't heard of it until a few months back either, and I know it's been out for years.

They sounded better to me too, hence wanting to swap.

Intense Guy said...


I just like looking at the pictures and imagining what it sounds like at the gaming hall.


Toriz said...

Noisy, that's what it sounds like! ;)