Monday, April 09, 2012

Blog absences, birthdays and sandals

Today is Chelsea (one of Emma-Jane's cousins)'s birthday. I doubt she'll see this, but I'll say "happy birthday" anyway. :)

And, while we're doing birthdays... Tomorrow is my friend Corinne's birthday, so I'll say "happy birthday" to her too!


My sandals aren't looking too great, and the kinds I like are on sale right now, so I got a new pair. Here they are:


That's it for today. I have posts scheduled for the next few days, but I myself wont be around much (if at all). I'm reading the books I won yesterday so as to enter the kindle giveaway (see post below this one for details) and it wont leave much time for blogging. My goal is to have the books read by Thursday, and my list submitted by that night, then I can take some time to catch up on my friends' blogs on Friday before getting behind again when I spend the weekend visiting the participents of Magaly's blog party, LOL!

Anyway, since I've just taken Kero out, I want to get back to my book before he needs out again or something.


That corgi :) said...

Happy reading Tori!! I think you'll make your goal on when to get the reading done!


AliceKay said...

Nice looking sandals. I can't wear sandals anymore. I have a high arch and most sandals are too flat for me. (instant toe cramps)

Enjoy the books and good luck in the contest.

Deanna said...

Love your new sandals! They are perfect. Enjoy your reading and will catch you soon!


Intense Guy said...

Nice looking sandals!! I hope you get a lot of miles (err.. kilometers) out of 'em!

Toriz said...

Actually, I beat my goal; finished the books and sent in my entry late Tuesday night. When I have things on my mind I can't sleep, so I figured if I wasn't sleeping I'd just carry on with the books; didn't get much sleep from Sunday evening until early Wednesday morning, but had a long sleep Wednesday to make up for it. Now I just have to finish catching up on blog posts so I can start on the posts others have submitted for Magaly's blog party!

Ouch! I have quite flat feet (a slight arch, but not much of one) so sandals are most comfortable after daps (boating shoes) and bare feet.

Thanks! :)

Thanks; so do I! Sandals "usually" last me a year or so; hopefully these wont be an exception.