Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SD&B - Part 2: Frank The Friendly Ogre

Frank knew he didn't belong. The other ogres enjoyed mud baths, Frank enjoyed bathing in the stream. They were rude and never used their manners, Frank always said, "please," and all those other polite things that sensible people say. So, one day, he packed up his things, and set off in to the world to find a place where he could belong.

He walked and walked until he came to a town. "Perhaps I can find somewhere I can belong in the town," he said to himself as he walked down the main road.

Ogres are quite big, so as he walked his weight cracked the stones of the road, and sign posts and street lamps were bent as he squeezed past them. Everyone who saw this was not happy, and by the time he reached the town centre, a large and angry crowd had gathered. "You don't belong here," they shouted. "Ogres are too big to live in towns. Get away from here and find somewhere else to live." And they chased Frank out of the town.

So Frank set off again. He walked and walked until he came to a forest. "Perhaps I can find somewhere I can belong in the forest," he said as he walked along the trail.

Not only are ogres big, but they're clumsy too, so I'm sure you wont be surprised to learn that branches broke off the trees as he passed, and several plants and flowers became crushed under his huge feet. Then, suddenly, he found himself surrounded by angry wood sprites and flower fairies. "You don't belong here," they cried. "Ogres are much too clumsy to live in the forest. Get away from here and find somewhere else to live." And they chased Frank from the forest.

Sighing, Frank wiped away a tear and set off for a third time. He walked and walked until he came to the mountains. "Perhaps I can find somewhere I can belong in the mountains," he said as he started walking up the rocky mountain path.

After walking for a while, he spotted a huge cabin. Sat outside it on an enormous boulder was a giant; the giant was crying.

"Can I help?" asked Frank.

The giant looked up, and his eyes widened when he saw Frank. "But you're an ogre," said the giant.

"I'm sorry about that," said Frank.

The giant couldn't believe his ears. "I didn't think ogres said sorry," he said.

"They don't usually," replied Frank. Then he told the giant who he was, and how he had left his swamp home, and was looking for a place where he could belong. "The other ogres think I'm too clean and polite, the townsfolk think I'm too big, and the sprites and fairies think I'm too clumsy," he finished, tears rolling down his cheeks.

The giant smiled and wiped away the last of his own tears. "Then you can help," he said. "My name is Jack, and I'm crying because I'm so lonely living here in the mountains by myself. Will you live with me?"

"Really?" asked Frank, hope drying his tears.

"Yes," Jack replied. "My cabin is clean, and plenty big enough for us both."

"Thank you. I would love to live with you," said Frank, smiling too.

At last, Frank had found somewhere he could belong, and Jack had found some company. They were both very happy. And, as far as I know, they still are.


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Magaly Guerrero said...

First, I must say that I think I got something in my eye. Okay, in both eyes ;-) This is beautiful, Tori. The idea of showing kids, and adults, that there is always a place for us, we just need to search, is magnificent.

Now, let me comment on the writing. In the past, I've said that I envy the way you can write children's fiction, well, I still do lol. The repetition was right on point, and the I was impressed with your use of summarized dialogue, too.

You rock! And I've added Frank and Jack to the list.

Hm, I wonder what those boys had for breakfast today ;-)

Intense Guy said...

I love this story. :)

AliceKay said...

I loved this story, too.

Toriz said...

First, you should know that ever since I first saw your comment yesterday, I've been walking around with the biggest grin on my face; your comments on my writing made my day! :)

Secondly, I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much. I said I'd be showing you there's a place for everyone, and I meant it! ;)

Iggy & AK:
I'm glad you liked the story! :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

I laughed so hard when I read the title, and when I finished reading the story I was still giggling. I was telling my Piano Man that I was sure my comment, yesterday, made you roar.

Toriz said...

*Grins* Absolutely; though in a nice way, because I'm more of the friendly ogre type. ;)

That corgi :) said...

This was cute Tori; I could see it being made into a kid's book; I imagined the pictures that would be used with the ogre walking through all those places where they didn't want him and then finally finding acceptance with the giant! nicely written.


Sunshineshelle said...

Ahh, I knew I liked the Orge he had to be wonderful with the same name as my father :) I love this sweet tale, we all search for a place to be accepted & I actually got a bit teary when Frank found his home & the giant found a friend - just beautiful - and love an orge with manners :)

Gina said...

Aaaaaaaw! That is a beautiful story of new found friendship :D XXX

Toriz said...

Thank you! And that's what I'd hoped to achieve; I love the idea of writing children's picture books! :)

Thanks for visiting, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :)

Thanks for visiting, and thanks about the story too; glad you enjoyed it! :)

Polly said...

This is absolutely amazing! Do you write children's books? You surely could! I love this!

Toriz said...

Thanks; and thanks for visiting! :)

I've just gotten to the point where - after experimenting with different age groups and genres - I've learned I prefer writing for children, and apparently do a good job of it. So, I suppose that's a "yes and no" question; I do now write children's stories, but I've never tried to get any published, so I suppose I can't officially say that I write children's books. Maybe one day though! :)

Anonymous said...


Toriz said...

Thanks! :)