Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SD&b - part 1: thoughts on stereotypes

I don't like stereotypes.

I think at least part of this is that I spend every day of my life fighting against them. I'm a blind witch, and both "blind" and "witch" have their stereotypes atatched, and people are amazed that I'm not a "proper" either. Well, I'm here to tell you that there's no such thing as a "proper" blind person, or a "proper" witch.

Why do things in fiction have to act in a certain way? Why do witches have to be ugly old women? Why do dragons have to be meat-eaters? Why do ogres have to be dirty, rude and smelly? I'll tell you why... It's because those are the stereotypes we've come to associate with those beings. I don't think it's right that you aren't a "proper" something because you don't conform to those stereotypes. And because I feel that way I knew I just had to join in with Magaly's "Sexy Dark And Bloody" bloggerversary party.

The official party date is April 13th, but I've written a trio of tales for your enjoyment. I did have several other ideas, but since I like the number 3, and since it's Magaly's 3rd bloggerversary, so it's appropriate, I settled on just these. Besides, March got away from me, so I didn't manage to get the time to write any more.

So, join me over the next few days, and we'll throw away the stereotypes, and show the world that there's a place for everyone; even if they aren't "proper"... Well, whatever they are!

Note: "Sexy, Dark And Bloody" comes from the title of a piece of Magaly's own fiction, and has nothing to do with the required content of the stories; the theme is stereotypes in fiction, and that is all. Though I expect some - in fact, many - of the people participating will write something that could be described as being one (or all) of those things. My prefered audience is children, however, so I have prepared a trio of children's stories, none of which is either "sexy" or "dark" or "bloody" as far as I can tell.


This post is part of Magaly's "Sexy Dark And Bloody" bloggerversary party. Click on the banner below to join in the fun!


Magaly Guerrero said...

The idea of dragons as meat-eaters has always irked me. They look like they would vegetarians, don't they? Or at least a few would be--they look so much like lizards. I'm right there with you, when it comes to the way other mythical creatures are depicted. I'm sure that belonging to a particular specie, class, kind or whatever, doesn't designate personality and every behavior.

And don't even let me start about "proper" when it comes to Witch, blind or things of the sort, for my head might pop!

Autumn said...

I like thinking outside of stereotypes! I think unique is beautiful...re my post yesterday.

That corgi :) said...

I'm with you, Tori, I'm not one for stereotypes either.


Deanna said...

I don't like stereotyping either. I had to think of how some of the children's movies of today have done what you are trying to do... wipe out stereotyping. Pete's Dragon (I believe that was the name of the movie) comes to mind.


Intense Guy said...


At least the wizard of oz had a nice (and beautiful) witch in it...

Stereotypes serve a purpose - but get us into trouble a lot too. Be nice if some people would either be less judgmental - or if they can't, just stick to their own business... otherwise, I'm for meat-eating dragons eating them (with ketchup of course).

AliceKay said...

There are stereotypes in every society. Kinda mind-boggling, actually.

Toriz said...

Couldn't have put it better myself; both about the dragons and the "blind" and "witch" stereotypes.

Yes; unique is beautiful! :)

Good for you! :)

Pete's Dragon... That was a great movie!

LOL! Yes, has to be with ketchup! ;)

*Nods in agreement*

Sunshineshelle said...

Oh I've popped in to party & realised I better fly back to this post so I didn't miss any of the fun, stereotypes had me puzzles for a while on what to do, once I realised it didn't have to be 'sexy, dark & bloody' I felt more at ease & anyways, Ms Magaly has got those 3 covered LOL!

Gina said...

Some one told me I wasn't a "proper" Christian once....I said that would be because I'm not a Christian lol :D XXX

Toriz said...

Thanks for visiting; yes, I think Magaly has the "sexy, dark and bloody" part well and truely covered, LOL!

LOL! Good answer!

Mina said...

"Proper" has no place in this beautiful wild life. Hugs sweetie!

witchydiary said...

Proper people never have fun. ;)
Love your blog!

Toriz said...

Agreed! *Hugs*

Thanks, and thanks for visiting! :)

Yes, that's true... I'd rather have fun than be "proper" anything. *Grins*