Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Blogs and Spring

Well, I've figured out how to do just about everything I used to do with the new blogger update; except adding pictures. I can't do it on my laptop due to not being able to update things, and I haven't yet been able to figure out which key combination the new Jaws (which we have a demo of on Kelly's PC) wants. Not to mention, I was getting pretty frustrated having to keep restarting the computer when the time for the demo to run out came. Kelly's helped add photos to a couple of posts that I have scheduled to go up soon though, so at least there is a way around it. Still, it's frustrating, and I miss being able to do it myself already. I can't help it, I like doing things for myself, and get frustrated when I can't for whatever reason. Well, I'll just have to put up with it until I can get a new laptop and get my Jaws updated. And, hey, I can still do more than I expected to be able to. I was worried I wouldn't be able to use Blogger at all after the update came in. But, enough of that, because - despite my frustration - I don't want to get too whiney about it.

It's Spring, and nature is glorying in the season. The weather is beautiful most of the time; today is absolutely gorgeous! The birds are singing, and flowers are popping up all over the place. Is it as beautiful and Springlike where you are?


Autumn said...

I still haven't made the switch. I suppose it will do so automatically? Any way, good on ya for not giving up.

Spring has sprung here. I've had to cut the lawn and my allergies are out of control. Spring storms have begun too.

AliceKay said...

I'm glad Blogger isn't giving you the problems you anticipated, but it still stinks that you can't post your pictures like you want to. :(

It's 28F here this morning, and my rhododendrons got frosted last night. :( They were just coming back a little after the freeze we had last week, but now they're frosted pretty badly. We covered it the best we could last week, but I wasn't able to cover it by myself last night. Terri's daffodils and tulips must have gotten frosted, too. I haven't gone out back to look yet. The daffodils were looking great yesterday and there were a couple of tulips out. I took pictures but they're still on my camera. The sun is shining out there right now, and it's supposed to warm up to about 60F later, but rain is moving back in.

Hope your Tuesday is a good one. Time for me to get to work. *hugs*

Intense Guy said...

I know you will overcome the issues with blogger. A little patience and a bit of ingenuity will do it.

It's spring here. One day its 40F the next day its 60F and both days the wind is blowing pretty good!

That corgi :) said...

It does get frustrating if you can't add pictures, Tori. I hope you'll be able to get something going soon so you can do so. I know Blogger is not posting my posts when I set them up to post at a certain time, so not sure what is up with that. Hopefully it will be something they will work out in the next few days.

It does sound very springy where you are at! We live in perpetual summer/spring here but I do see the trees are starting to bloom so I think spring has sprung!

have a good day (which actually I guess your day is winding down, LOL, I forget you are a continent away :)


That corgi :) said...

LOL; Iggy and me commented almost at the exact same time, LOL :)


Deanna said...

it's a shame about the pictures. but I'm so glad you can still do everything else. Have you ever tried Windows Live Writer? It is free (might already be on your computer). Adding photos to it is easy and then you just click publish to your blog. It might be worth checking out! Of course, you never know, jaws might eat it alive lol.

Rita said...

We keep fluctuating from 40s to 60s, but spring is here--even if we have still dipped into the 30s at night. The swallows are nesting, birds are chirping, wind is blowing over the brown grass...green is beginning to emerge.

Glad you've figured out most of the new blogger. I am still using the old version. I suppose I could bite the bullet, but...we'll see. I might wait till I am forced to accept the change. ;)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I truly wish Blogger would knock it off already! They haven't fixed the issues from their last "upgrade" and they're back at it again!! OY!

So sorry the uploader isn't working for you. It's a pain enough for me and I can at least see what I'm doing. I understand you're wanting to do it yourself, I'm the same way myself and almost never ask for help, lol!

Hugs and enjoy your lovely spring weather! It's raining here and aside from the vicious sinus headache, I'm happy to see the pollen being washed away!!!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Today is super pretty. In the upper 50s with the sun promising to come out and play.

I understand your frustration. And have I tell you how proud of you I am all the time? And how whenever something gets difficult for me, I tell myself 'Better do it, Witch. If Tori does x, y and x, you better stop bitching about a and b'? I'm always impressed by the way you take on life head first ;-)


Toriz said...

I "think" they're switching everyone automatically some time before the end of April. But I decided if I was making the switch, I was doing it on my terms! ;)

Allergies... Not nice!

*Nods in agreement about the blogger situation*

Poor flowers! :(

I'll do my best too, anyway!

Yep... Sounds like here; though we don't always have the wind (unless you go down to the seafront).

I've not had that problem; bet it's annoying though!

Springy is good! :)

LOL @ you and Iggy posting at the same time!

I hadn't, but after I saw your comment earlier I tried it... Yeah, Jaws doesn't like it, LOL!

YAY for Spring weather! Mind you, I say, "YAY," to most kinds of weather; I try to enjoy each type, and generally do... Unless that particular weather spoiled my plans, LOL!

I'm sure you'll get the new blogger figured out when they make you do so. ;)

I couldn't agree more!

Sounds perfect!

And, you might have mentioned it.... But things like that you can never be told too many times! Of course, I'm not nearly as amazing as you think, but... *Shrugs* ;)