Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poem: A Little Princess

A little Indian child,
Whose father was rather mild,
Was called, "My little princess, Sarah!"
She was spoilt, but she was a good sharer.

Then her father went to war,
He couldn't be with her any more,
She went away to school,
Which she thought was going to be cool.

She wrote a letter a day,
While her father was away,
She told the others about her home,
The paradise where she was never alone.

Her teacher said. "Your father is no more,
And now my child you have become poor,
You must work for your food,
And you will not eat if you are rude."

She cried for a whole day,
The others were told to keep away,
But they went in the middle of the night,
To see Sarah. With little or no light.

Then they found her Dad,
And Sarah was really glad,
She said, "I hope that he still can,
Remember who I am."

She ran into the street,
And ended up with soaking wet feet,
But her father was not sure,
Whether or not he'd seen her before.

They dragged her from her Dad,
Her teacher, Miss Minchin, was very glad,
She said, "Thank God you've found her,
She's not that man's daughter."

Then her father recognised her,
He ran after them and shouted, "Sarah!"
Then he hugged his daughter tightly,
While Miss Minchin quivered slightly.

They made Miss Minchin do the work,
While the children gave a smirk,
They said, "We'll miss you Sarah Crew,"
And Sarah said, "I'll miss you too."

Then they went across the sea,
Taking, the other servant girl, Becky,
They left the school in a horse and cart,
All of them looking rather smart.

That is all there is to say,
The story ends on that very day,
Sarah and Becky shared their laughter,
And lived happy ever after.


I was about 11 when I wrote this one; it was for school. We were supposed to write a poem to tell the story of our favourite novel. So this is my poem; based on the book "A Little Princess" by Frances Hodgeson Burnett.


Rita said...

Wow! Only 11 years old!
I wish I still had a copy of the story I wrote for school when I was 11, too. Don't ever lose this!!! :)

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)

It's maybe not one of my best ever, but since it was one of my earlier poems... Well, I don't think I did too badly. I couldn't put it in the book though; it's too obviously just a poem version of the book, so I don't think it would be right to do so.

Oh, and my Dad does know where that story I mentioned in the "Mami" poem post is; he says he'll type it up as soon as he can... Hopefully this weekend, but if not then next week.

Mina said...

That is quite remarkable work for an 11 year old. I'd have given you an A+++. Wow! So impressive. Hugs, Mina

AliceKay said...

Very nice poem for an 11 year old.

That corgi :) said...

Very nicely done for 11 years old, Tori! And you definitely did tell the story of the Little Princess in the poem!!


Toriz said...

Mina, AK & Betty:
Thanks! :)

Intense Guy said...

How precious!! :) I like this poem!

Toriz said...

Thanks! :)