Saturday, April 21, 2012

Upcoming book

I've spent the past few days sorting through my poems. A large chunk of them are now on the "Pets' Poems" page (see tabs above), a few will be shared soon, some have already been shared on my blog (in some cases they were on my blog to start with), some I don't plan either posting or publishing, and a few will be published. Of the almost 300 poems I've written and have copies of, only 40 will be making it to the book. I know how many there will be because I've completed the task of selecting them and putting them together in a document.

I'm publishing via Smashwords.

I found out about the possibility via the books I won in Magaly's giveaway, and a post Magaly herself wrote made me start thinking seriously about it. Then I read the free guide linked to in the e-mail I got when I signed up for an account with them to download the books I'd won, and I said to myself, "I can do this." So, I'm going to.

It means doing my own promotion, because nobody's going to do it for me, but I think it'll be worth it just to be able to say, "you can go to 'insert link or website name' to buy my book," and to be able to say I'm a published author. In fact, with this method I'm both author and publisher. As part of the promotion, when my book is available to download I plan to do a giveaway. But I'll tell you more about that when the time comes.

Some of you may find I get annoying about mentioning the book a lot, but I need to in order to get the word out about it. And I'll need to any time I publish any future books too. I'll try not to be too annoying, but no mention means no publicity, and no publicity means no sales, so... *Shrugs*

If you're wondering, you'll be able to read my book on your computer, on your iphone or ipad, on your kindle or nook, or on any other electronic device you own that reads e-books. And I'll make it available in all formats I can to give you the best choice possible, and to make the reading experience easier for you.


AliceKay said...

Talking about your book is the only way people will know about it. I won't be annoyed if you mention it often. It's the only way to "get it out there". :)

Good luck with your endeavor. *hugs*

Rita said...

Good luck, Tori!! Yes, you have to tell people to get it out there. One of these years I am going to have to get a Kindle or a Nook or a Tablet, I think--LOL! Congrats!! :)

That corgi :) said...

I think it is wonderful you are doing this Tori!! Go ahead and talk about it and promote it here; looking forward to seeing how the whole process is and how successful you'll be! I bet you will be success! I know Amazon did something where it would help people publish eBooks and then help promote them;I had a friend who did that for her book, but not sure how much it all cost. Never looked into it as no time currently to pursue writing the book I know I have in me :)

Good luck!!!!!


Toriz said...

Exactly; and thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

It's OK; you'll be able to read my book on your laptop. You can either download the free kindle ap that Amazon has (Dagan will be able to help you if you want to do that) or just download it in another format that you can read on the laptop. Like rtf (rich text format) or something.

Yes, Amazon have the same facility, but you can pay them to help with promotion. What I'm doing doesn't cost though; they just take 30% of the money I get, and in return make the book available on their site, on Amazon, in the Apple store, and at Barnes And Noble. It's worth the 30% they take for that, I think. :)

And, thanks! :)

Intense Guy said...

I gotta tell someone... I've read your book front to back already!

It's excellent!!!

Toriz said...

YAY! Glad you think so! :)