Thursday, July 07, 2011

Artificial eyes, and stuff (kinda FD, but PTMI)

Most people have colds or full blown flu around here right now.

I don't (yet).

But Mam is just getting over the flu, and Dad, Wayne and Kelly all have colds. So does Dave (one of the guys Kelly and Dad game with) and - I think - some of the other guys they game with. It's one of those lingering make-you-feel-like-crap type of cold and flu bugs, so I really, really hope it skips me! I don't need that again, and I'm actually enjoying having some time where I'm actually reasonably healthy... For a change!

I'm thinking it was caused by the fact that the weather is all over the place; one minute it's hot and sunny, the next it's cold and wet, then it's cold but sunny, then it's wet and hot... You get the idea!

We had an awesome storm yesterday; it started late afternoon/early evening, and went on until early hours of the morning. It was bad enough to turn our electric off a good couple of times. Only briefly, but still... I expect we'll get another soon; that is, if the weather continues the way it has been lately.


I had an appointment with Eirona (my artificial eye doctor... Don't ask me to spell the actual title they give her, because I can't even say it, let alone spell it, lol).

It was officially just a check-up and polish. I get them every 6 months or so. Apparently it makes my eyes look all shiny, and when it's been a while they look all dull.

Anyway... I've had a bit of a weepy left eye for a good week or more now though, and I was a bit worried there might be an infection coming in it. She checked it, and there's no sign of one - though she does agree it's much more weepy than it should be. The theory we're going with is that it "might" be on the verge of one, possibly caused by something as stupid as wind blowing in to my eye one of the times when I took Kero out during some of the not so nice weather we've had some days. And there I was thinking my eye issues would be over now I don't have real eyes!

She didn't want to give me any antibiotics to stop the infection coming, because otherwise if I do get one the antibiotics wont do anything, which is fair enough (I didn't really want any if I could avoid it anyway). But she said to keep an eye on it (haha... Keep an eye on it... Get it? LOL!)


Kelly gave Kero the tub from the meal he had the other day, and you'd swear he'd given him the best prize in the world! Kero grabbed it and ran off to hide with it like he does when we give him some kind of great treat. I found him in the spare room, happily licking out the tub. Guess he felt the best way to get privacy to enjoy it was to be in with Gwydion (who wasn't even interested in Kero's existance, because I'd not long given him some salad stuff). Silly dog... LOL!


That'll do for today; I need a nap!

*Sending out hugs and positive thoughts to those in need of them!*


Intense Guy said...

I hope you keep a bright eye on that weepy eye. (Ugh, that's bad!)

Sounds like Kero really enjoyed whatever Kelly left for him!

And hopefull all the people over there get over their colds and such soonest.

Toriz said...

Yeah; that's bad, but it made me smile! LOL!

It was a "cheesy beans and potatoes with sausage" meal. Kero loves cheese and sausage, so I guess he thought having the two together was the best idea this side of Christmas. ;)

I hope they get better soon too; preferably before they make me sick!

Anonymous said...

Colds are definitely going around -- I think it's the weather change, too. Good on ya for avoiding it thus far, I hope you can keep it at bay!

I also hope your eye gets better! Gotta admit that Intense Guy's comment made me giggle, too. I am officially not sharing any related puns, as there is no way I can beat that one... ;)

Rita said...

I hope you don't get that cold and that your eye will stop that darn watering. ;) I hope everybody starts feeling better over there. Good grief! Sounds like everybody is sick but you and Kero, the excited cheesy beans, potatoes, and sausage loving dog. Hope it is a sunny day today! :)

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear everyone is getting sick over there. I hope you don't get whatever it is they have.

Your doctor sounds like a good doctor. No sense giving someone an antibiotic if they don't need one yet. Gotta admit...I love your sense of humor, Tori. :)

Kero wanted to be sure he would be able to lick every drop in that tub himself. LOL

Thanks for any hugs and positive thoughts you might be sending my way. Right back at ya! *hugs*

Toriz said...

I hope I can keep it at bay too!

I hope so too! :)

Yesterday it was one of those "can't decide what weather to have" type of days. Today it's wet and miserable.

You and me both! ;)

Thanks! :)

Yep, I think he did. LOL!

You're welcome! *Hugs*

Deanna said...

LOL about keeping an eye on it... but not LOL about a possible infaction coming on. Hopefully it is nothing.

Yep, Kero is definitely a silly dog.

Toriz said...

Yep; hopefully it's nothing!