Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Cat Mummy

By Jacqueline Wilson


Verity adores her cat, Mabel, and is desperately sad when she dies. Remembering her recent school lessons about the Ancient Egyptians, Verity decides to mummify Mabel and keep her hidden. Verity's dad and grandparents can't bear to talk about death, having lost Verity's mum in childbirth, but when they eventually discover what Verity has done with Mabel, the whole family learns that it's time to talk. A superb handling of bereavement in Wilson's uniquely accessible and enjoyable style."

(Above taken from this page).

I'm a fan of Jacqueline Wilson's books - well, OK, I enjoyed the Tracy Beaker books, which are the only ones I've read until now - but this book didn't disappoint. It was a little more detailed than I expected it to be, but not too much so, and not so that it spoiled the book.


Rita said...

Wow! That would be a very unique approach to talking about death with kids. I think it's a subject that shouldn't be avoided. With Dagan--we had so many animals around that when something died the first time (I think it was a parakeet when Dagan was around 3) we examined it together and talked about death and then buried it together.

He had a favorite Grandma who took care of him that died when he was a little boy, too, and he went to the funeral with me and I lifted him up to see Grandma's body in her coffin. We didn't say goodbye to her, because she was already gone. Dagan knew, even then, that funerals are really for the living. Death is just a part of life. None of us will avoid it. We are lucky if we are missed. ;)

Toriz said...

I think that's a fantastic way to deal with it!

AliceKay said...

This sounds like a wonderful book.

Toriz said...

It was/is. :)

Intense Guy said...

I think finding a mummified cat would "disturb" me.


Toriz said...

From what I can gather the people excavating the pyramids in Egypt have found plenty. That's what leads what happens in this story to happen. Like you though, I'd prefer not to come across a mummified cat myself!