Friday, March 09, 2012

Healing energy (FD)

This week's "Pagan Blog Prompt" is the following:

"How do you deal with illness?
Does being sick hinder your magic work?
Do you employ magic to make yourself healthy again?
What about others? Do you work magic to heal other people?"

Last week it was:

"The weather is warming up and the time for planting is close. While some gardeners focus on edibles (veggies and fruits), a lot of Pagans grow herbs for kitchen use as well as magical use.

Do you use herbs in your practice? Do you grow them or purchase them from someone else?

What are your favorite herbs to work with?"

I didn't end up joining in last week. For one thing I had several posts I wanted to get posted (still do, actually), for another thing, last week's prompt didn't really inspire a post. But this week's did. I only mention last week's because what I'm about to post about is connected to it. Read on and you'll see what I mean.

I haven't learned as much as I'd have liked to have by now about herbal medicine, but I know a little, and I use what I know when it's called for.

Mainly though I use the properties of lavender and camomile. And the reason I use those most is because the main time I need the help of herbs seems to be for relaxation (either for myself or others). I have also used lavender to make a rather tasty lavender syrrup, but that was just for my enjoyment; and I did enjoy it!

Anyway, the other things I use a lot are peppermint and cherry; peppermint is great for sickness and menstral cramps, and a cherry and cinnamon tea usually helps with a cough.

I'd love to say I grow them myself, but I don't. I buy them. If I want fresh I'll get it from one of the local shops (the fruit and veg shop does a beautiful bunch of mint). But for dry I get it from an internet supplier.

I try not to use "modern" medicine if I can avoid it. For serious things I obviously can't, but for headaches and coughs and colds I will only use over-the-counter medicine if it's really bad, and - for myself - only "children's" stuff.

Anyway, I also do energy work when needed, though what I do will depend on who it's for.

If it's for myself, it's more a sort of meditation thing; partly because it's easier to do it that way on myself, and partly because if it is me who needs it then the chances are my energy is pretty low and that's all I can manage. Although, if it's a cut, or other kind of injury, rather than an illness, then I do a sort of mental ritual that involves visualizing energy flowing from my hands to the injured area.

If it's for someone who I can be with - someone I can have my hands on or near - then I employ the same technique I use for cuts and injuries on myself. I also offer my advice on herbal remedies when I can, though I leave it up to the person to decide if they plan on taking my advice (they often don't, but that's their choice).

I have two methods I use for long-distance healing/energy work. The first - the one I use most - involves me using the same method I use if someone is able to be near me, though I obviously have to also visualize the energy reaching them. The other one is one I don't use often, because it requires a little more preparation, and because it seems to drain me more. It involves me lighting a candle (and often also some incense), then visualizing the energy flowing through me... From the tips of my toes right up to the top of my head... Then flowing out in to the world, where it travels to the person, enveloping them in its warmth. Then I let the candle, which is usually a tealight candle or other small candle, burn down to nothing. When I use this method I like to have a focus object; something that belongs to the person, something that was given to me by the person, or something that reminds me of the person. I use the object to help to focus every particle of my energy on that person, and keep it focused on them; handling the object from time to time as the candle burns down (to keep the person foremost in my mind while it finishes burning). I think that's why it drains me so much to use this particular healing ritual. The last time I used it was a few months ago, when I syncronized the start of it with the start of the energy work of a friend to heal another friend who was seriously ill in hospital at the time. And, yes, the friend knew we were doing it.

So when I tell you I'm sending positive thoughts, you now know what I'm doing; I'm doing the first of the two long-distance healing rituals.


Rita said...

There is so much to know about herbal medicines. I don't know much, but know a little. Same with essential oils.
Energy work is considered magic, huh? I never knew that.
Have a great weekend!! :)

Intense Guy said...

Both lavender and camomille are so nice - they smell so good.

Your treatment sounds so pleasant, I'd be cutting myself to get some.


Toriz said...

*Nods* Energy work is using your energies - and/or the energies from the world around you - to heal. And using those energies is what real magic is.

Yes, they are; lavender is my all time favourite scent!

LOL @ cutting yourself just to get some; that's probably not a good plan though! ;)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I think you are quite magical! I've had someone employ magic before when we were having problems with Bella and I'm convinced they helped!!!

Toriz said...

Thanks; and I'm glad whoever helped you with whatever problem you had with Bella did so! :)

Connie Mitan said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner to read your reply to the PBP, but I am glad I finally stopped in. It's always nice to hear about people that do energy work - I wish I had the focus to do it myself.

Toriz said...

Thanks Sunfire. :)