Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ostara or Vernal/Spring Equinox 2012

I'm afraid with all the things I wanted to post recently I've ended up doing rather a lot of posts today. Don't worry if you haven't the time to read and/or comment on them all. Just have a good day, and if the weather is nice, get out there and enjoy it if you can; the posts will be there if you want to read them another time! :)

A blessed Ostara or Vernal/Spring Equinox to one and all!

Tori and Kero


Intense Guy said...

Happy Ostara to you and yours! I hope you too, get out and enjoy a swim!!!


Toriz said...

No swim, but we did make sure to be down by the ocean to get sunrise photos, and we went for another walk, with a third planned in a bit.

AliceKay said...

The start of our day was a bit on the foggy side, but it turned out to be a nice afternoon once the clouds cleared. Warm, too. I had some windows open until just a little while ago.

I can't wait to see some sunrise shots. :)

A blessed Ostara to you, Tori.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Spring!!!! It's so glorious outside - not too hot, not too cold and it just SMELLS fabby! The trees are just starting to bud and the birds are back and chirping away! YAY for spring!!!

Deanna said...

Happy Ostara to you (a little late). It is rainy here, but I don't mind!

Toriz said...

That's how our Wednesday was, but I don't mind. And, at least it was clear for the photos Tuesday morning. :)

Nice! Gotta love those birds being around! :)

Thanks; glad you're not minding your rain! :)