Sunday, March 25, 2012

Medical Mutterings and Postman Prat

My other dentist appointment (on March 15th) wasn't as bad as the other one.

Where the tooth wasn't as far back I didn't end up with my mouth all cut up, so I wasn't in as much pain when the injection wore off. Although, there was some pain, but it was in the "I can ignore this" range, so I just pretended it didn't exist, and it got the message and went away after a couple of days.

There was a fair bit of pain at first when she was sorting my tooth; the area wasn't numb enough when she started drilling. She'd told me to raise my hand if I felt pain, and I did so so sharply I actually pulled her hand - drill and all, luckily - out of my mouth (though I'm not sure if I meant to do so or not).

And what did she say?

"Oh, did that hurt?"

Well, duh! *Rolling eyes*

Never mind, it's over with now until September (unless something bugs me enough so I decide I can't ignore it, and am forced to make an appointment in the meantime).


I hurt my wrist the other day, and feel like an idiot for how I did it.

You know how when you know something will hurt, you don't want to do it to yourself as a rule? Like when you need to pull off a plaster, or put something on a cut that you know will sting it. Well, I was doing the second one, and in trying to fight the urge to pull my hand away, I twisted my wrist funny or something, and actually hurt my wrist doing so. I'm not entirely sure how it happened. I just know I was fighting the urge to pull my hand away, and then there was a sharp pain in my wrist.

It wasn't so much the pain that bugged me - though it definitely wasn't comfortable; I think I lightly sprained it or something. It was more the fact it happened; I hurt my wrist trying to fight the urge to pull my hand away when I was putting something on a sore that I knew was going to sting it. So, in trying not to hurt myself, I hurt myself worse than I would have done otherwise.

Go ahead and laugh; I did!

It's mostly OK now; I've been doing some energy work on it, and as long as I don't lift anything heavy with that hand, or put my full weight on it to push myself up if I'm on the floor, then it's fine now. I still can't believe how it happened though...


We have 4 post people (not counting the "special delivery" people). And I'm not trying to be politically correct there, it's just that 3 are postmen, the other is a woman.

Anyway, I like three of them. The woman is lovely; she's always got a smile for everyone and a cheerful "hello"... Regardless of the time of day or weather. Two of the men are great too; not as cheerful as the woman, but nice enough. Those three are helpful with me too; making sure I have the mail in my hand properly, helping me get the dogs in if they slip out, etc. Life would be perfect if it was just those three.

But it isn't.

The fourth postman I've nicknamed "Postman Prat" because he is a total prat. He shoves things through the letterbox even when they aren't going to fit; bending things sometimes in the process (he hasn't done any real damage to anything, but it's still annoying; especially since some of my items have braille on them). He waves things about at me getting annoyed because I'm failing to grab hold of them, etc. And he's afraid of dogs. Now, don't get me wrong, I have no issues with people being afraid of dogs; I'm a bit nervous of large dogs myself (yes, even Willow). But my issue is the way he acts about it. He jumps about screaming "get the mutt away," and "call off the stupid animal," and "help, they're both getting me," and so on. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't for the fact that half the time the dogs aren't near him. I know this for a fact, because he manages to get out of the gate, and anyone who knows my Kero can tell you that if you open the gate you're not getting out of it without him unless you have a head start, and even then you better move quickly or you're not going to make it. Also, when Willow is behind me still inside, there's no way they can both be getting him when he's a couple of feet in front of me by the gate. She's big, but not that big; just saying! Plus, though I can't prove it, I'm pretty sure he kicked Kero at one point.

But, I decided to play along and got a babygate to put in the entrance to the porch area, thus stopping the dogs getting near the door unless I allow them through said gate. The first gate didn't work out. We got one that screws to the wall, thinking it would be stronger (also, they give you a wider gap to walk through), but we couldn't get the screws to hold; we tried long ones, short ones, wall plugs, no wall plugs... It wasn't having it. So we filled in the holes and got a pressure fit one instead. We had to get an extension for it, and could do with another; it only just fits, and it would be stronger with another proper extension so the bits you twist don't have to be fully extended... The gate tends to be weaker when those bits are fully extended. But for now it's there at least. So, let's see if Postman Prat becomes less of one once he realizes the dogs can't get at him.

If not, I'll be calling to complain about him, because I'm losing my patience with his attitude. He knows I can't see, and it feels as though he delights in taunting me.


Rita said...

I hope he's better now that the dogs can't "get" him. Geez!

I had a mail man when I loved in Moorhead across the river who smashed things terribly into the apartment mailbox. The ones over there opened from the top for him and he'd smash in the mail--crumbling and tearing the mail. I asked me to please be careful and he just shrugged and said he had big hands. (They didn't look that big to me.) After he accordion smashed and tore a big section out of some paperwork I had to fill out for the government I brought a bunch of my mail to the post office to show them what he does. Their response? Open up a PO Box! Pay to have a PO Box! Right! Geez! They did nothing about him and he continued to smash and rip my mail up for a couple of years till he suddenly disappeared--either quit or was moved to another route. My mail guy did seem to try to be a little more careful when I was really nice to him and showed him what he had done to federal forms and handmade cards I had received. I used to wait for him whenever I could so he didn't have to put my mail into my mailbox at all. I hope this mail guy you have is going to be better now. Some people just don't care about their jobs or other people's things. *sigh*

That corgi :) said...

That is sad with that one postman, Tori. I do think he is taunting you a bit, especially if he is waving around packages and mail instead of tring to put them some place where you can easily get to them or being careful to hand them to you. I think I would report him.

I wonder if he has gotten bit by a dog before and that is why he has such fear.

I know cable/internet installers here won't come in to do work if a dog is running free in the house. When anyone like that comes, I usually put Koda in his crate immediately, so I think your gate is a wise idea! I think I'm probably paranoid about that because I'm worried what if he bites someone (he never has, but I never assume a dog won't bite, especially if their owners tell me the dogs are friendly :)

Sorry about your wrist! Hope it feels better soon!


Intense Guy said...

Off the subject, but there is a TV show on (or was) about a Royal Mail delivery man named Pat and his cat - and the fictional village of Greendale.

He'd be a good replacement for Postman Prat.

Hope the guy retires or something soon.

Intense Guy said...

P.s., hope your wrist heals up soonest.

Autumn said...

OUCH on the wrist and shudders about dental work.

The postman sounds like he has some major issues. I hope the gate PROTECTS THE DOGS from his insecurity issues. :)

AliceKay said...

It sounds like he's been taunting you, and I hope that ceases very soon. You shouldn't be subjected to that kind of behavior from someone who is supposed to provide you with postal service. If the gate doesn't help, call and complain.

I hope your wrist is feeling better now. I know what you mean about hurting yourself while trying to help yourself. Been there, done that. lol

I'm glad the dental appointment went better for the most part. I've had dentists start to work on my teeth before being totally numb, and that's the pits. Quite painful, too.

Hope you have a good Monday. (sorry....i am behind in blogging these days)

Toriz said...

That's why I'm "trying" to sort things out myself; I'm not sure they'd even do anything if I reported him anyway. Although, maybe he doesn't know that, so maybe I can just use it as a threat for now if needs be... *Shrugs*... If it continues I think I will at least give complaining a go anyway.

I did have an issue last week where he chucked the post on the mat and ran away (I had the door open, but the babygate closed) and I yelled after him, "the dogs can't get through the gate, you could have just handed it to me over the damn thing!" But then on Saturday he handed the stuff to me properly with me his side of the gate and it closed so the dogs couldn't come through. So maybe... Just maybe... He might stop being such a prat now he knows they really can't get through the gate (they were definitely trying though).

I'm hoping it's more his dog fear than anything, and that he quits it now.

I prefer the dogs out of the way too, but it takes time to get them out of the way, and often people aren't patient. It's not so bad if I know someone is coming, but we never know when the post will come (it's come at times ranging between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm since we've been here).

I know the one; the cat is called Jess. Not sure if it's still on; I know Fireman Sam is (or was a couple months ago). You're right though; he'd be a perfect replacement. Also, I could pet Jess when he came! :)

The wrist is doing OK; despite all my hard work with laundry this weekend! :)

Thanks; so do I!

I'm hoping he bucks up his ideas now I have the gate. But, yes, if he keeps up I will at least try and get something done about it!

Glad it's not just me, LOL! The wrist is doing pretty good though. I expected it to be bad today after how I spent most of the weekend (doing laundry by hand). But it's not too bad.

*Nods in agreement about the dentist*

Don't worry, I'm behind on blogs myself. The blogs will be here when we're free though, right?

AliceKay said...

Right! *hugs*