Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Writing and time travel courses

For anyone interested, I finished the last batch of courses, and I've now signed up for:

Thriller Genre Writing
Time Travel Theories
Twist In The Tale
Vampire Story Writing
Vamps - Female Vampire
Villainous Characters
Writer's Block
Writing A CV
Writing A Memoir
Writing An E-Mail Course
Writing Books For Children
Writing For Cash
Writing Love And Romance Stories
Writing Mystery/Crime Stories
Writing Science Fiction
Writing Screen Plays

As I've said before - and probably will again - I expect many of them I wont really do anything with. But, hey, they're free! ;)


Rita said...

These will really keep you busy, that's for sure! Just reading all the ones I have saved would take me forever, let along writing something for them or doing lessons--LOL! Fun and free, though! Can't beat that. Nice! :)

Toriz said...

I'm collecting all the ones I want, and putting them in to text documents as I get them. Then I'll read through them and decide which ones I want to actually do the lessons for. I was going to do the lessons for all of them "just because" but knowing how many I have, I've decided to only read the ones I'm not so interested in, and just do lessons if it's something I really want to do. I will, for example, definitely use the one about writing books for children, but it's doubtful I will use the "thriller" one. But I figure I'll grab them all anyway, since they're free. Then if I change my mind later on, I have the courses.