Thursday, March 29, 2012

An hour long chat with a 2 year old (PTMI)

"Tori ring back," said a little voice when I picked up the phone.

It was Emma, of course, and my Mam had been coaching her with what to say while waiting for me to answer the phone yesterday (I usually call back since my free time is for up to an hour any time of any day, but my Mam's is only evenings and weekends). Anyway, Emma had picked up the phone and said, "hello Tori," which is what she does when she wants Mam to call me for her. The result was an hour long conversation with a 2 year old (well, I talked to Mam a bit too).

When I asked her if she had fun in playschool, she enthusiastically replied with, "I ride bike," which I'm taking as a yes, since she sounded so pleased about it.

Mam had brought her a Hello Kitty t-shirt that's pink and blue, so - to get her to say it - I asked what she had. "It blue," she said. And that's all she'd say. She can say all the words she needed to (she knows several colours, pink and blue being among them, and can say Hello Kitty; though she does think we're saying hello to someone named Kitty, and when she sees Hello Kitty items usually calls them "Kitty,"... She does recognize that they're cats though; she loves cats and dogs and always has). But all she would say was that it was blue. She's quite obsessed with blue. I'm wondering if we have the beginnings of a favourite colour emerging?

Mam asked how Willow was, so Emma did too. She seemed rather confused when I said Willow was sleeping though. We think she misunderstood and thought I was saying I was sleeping, because Mam said she was looking at the phone as if wondering how she could be talking to me on it if I was sleeping. She soon lost interest in that and started in on the, "what's that?" thing though. Yes, she's in that phase; the one where you bearly get time to tell them what te first thing is before they're asking, "what's that?" again, possibly about something else, or maybe about the same thing.

We were getting her to say words, and I had her say "chipmunk" because I love how she says it. And Mam was messing about with how she enthasizes the "munk" part, and next thing we know Emma says, "monkey!" Guess she thought Mam was trying to prompt her with the start of the word? LOL!

When we got bored of the word game, she still hadn't, "do more," she said. "More words?" Mam asked. "Yes, do more," she replied. Guess she likes that game. I'm thinking that's a good thing; she seems to love things that help her learn new words or skills - like the game where you tell them to jump, hop, etc. I'm thinking that's got to be positive, and hoping she continues to be so enthusiastic about learning once she's in full time school; enthusiasm for education is definitely good!

Anyway, while we were on the phone, Louise (her Mother) sent Mam a text to ask how Emma was doing, so Mam asked her if she was OK. "Yep, OK," she replied. So that's what Mam told Louise; can't say fairer than that, can you? ;)

At another point - when I was talking to Mam herself for a few moments - Emma decided she wanted Mam's attention. After repeating, "Nana," and getting no response, she yelled, "Nana!" Turned out she was trying to get Mam to pay attention to her so she could sit on Mam's lap for a bit, but it didn't half make Mam jump, LOL!

She's started something cute, and nobody's entirely sure why. If you say, "love you," she says, "love you more." So when - as we usually do at the end of the call - Mam told me she loved me, and I said I loved her too, Emma announced, "love you more," after Mam spoke, and "love you more too," after I did.

She had some important news to tell me while she was on the phone; she no longer has a bottle or dummy (pacifier). Plus, she now uses the potty. On Sunday she just announced, "nappy off, go wee-wee," so they took it off, she sat on the potty, and used it. Ever since then she's only had a nappy at night and if they'll be out for a long time. There hasn't been a single accident, and she asks every time she needs to go. When I asked Emma about what she had to tell me, she proudly announced that she can now, "do wee-wee in there," while pointing to the potty. Mam told me she was pointing to the potty, obviously. She's really turning in to a proper little girl now though; no bottle or dummy, and using the potty!

Those are the highlights from my hour long conversation with a 2 year old; I thought I'd post them for anyone who might enjoy hearing about Emma. I hope they made you smile!


Magaly Guerrero said...

One day you told me you preferred to write children's fiction and fairy tales, now I see why. You have a way with children and the way their minds work, my friend. And the love you feel for them is palpable in each word.

Emma sounds like a delight. And she "do wee-wee in there," yay!

Toriz said...

*Nods* I love the way children view the world, and the magic they find in such simple things. And I love the way they're so eager to learn! It's a shame so many adults grow out of it; I've tried not to, and it makes me quite popular with the little ones, because they love when you encourage rather than discourage their enthusiasm for seeing everything as new, exciting, and magical.

Also, yes, she's a wonderful little girl; very clever, very eager to learn more about how the world works, and knows her own mind. But she's also very eager to please, sleeps fantastically (and always has), and is almost always smiling.

Furry Bottoms said...

Kids just say the funniest things! I'm glad you enjoyed your chat with her (and your Mam of course)

Intense Guy said...

Gosh, she is precious and precocious!

And toilet trained to boot. :)

Karen said...

I have to say that Emma is a total delight she is a very eager little learner.
Ka xx

Celticspirit said...

Two year olds are great! She seems to have a pretty good attention span if she can stay on the phone for a long period of time. It is wonderful that she is potty trained!

That corgi :) said...

Oh how sweet Tori! I love to talk with little ones! They are so full of surprise and excitement and enthusiasm, especially when they share what they know or when they are learning something new! Thanks for sharing your conversation wit her with us!


Deanna said...

What a wonderful conversation! That child is growing up overnight.

I love it when the chatter away on the phone. Usually I cannot understand half of what they are saying.

AliceKay said...

Emma-Jane is growing right up there. That's great about the potty training. Karen is still having problems with Ryan. :\

I love how they chatter away, too. I have some interesting conversations with Ryan on the phone. I can understand most of what he's saying now, but there are times........LOL.

*smiles from reading your post* :)

ChicagoLady said...

Sounds like a delightful hour with Emma!

Rita said...

Girls tend to be potty trained faster than boys. She is growing up so fast! She sounds like such a smart little girl, too. I'm so glad she talks with you on the phone!! :):)

Toriz said...

Yes, she's very smart, and knows her own mind alright! :)