Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dogs, Kids & Fireworks

Today (Sunday) Kelly, Kero and I went for dinner at my parents' place, as planned. I can't speak for Kelly, but Kero and I had a good time. Kelly spent most of the time with Dad and Wayne, so I didn't see much of him throughout the afternoon, but I was helping Mam wrap various Christmas presents we've got for people. I may not be much help when it comes to writing the labels, but I'm pretty good at the wrapping part, and enjoy doing it. We got all the stuff wrapped (until we buy more, lol!) Well, other than a couple of bits I had to leave at my place, because they're for Mam, and I couldn't exactly ask her to help label her own gifts, could I? LOL!

Kero and Willow behaved excellently. Willow is known for getting a bit over excited (well, she is a Labrador after all, lol) and jumping on Kero (and us) so much we all get fed up and she has to be shut in a seporate room to calm down, but we didn't have that problem today. I even managed to get her to wait at the top of the stairs long enough for me to walk down them... TWICE! And, Kero is known for chasing Mam's cats (he thinks all cats should play with him like ours do) and for having "accidents" when he's in my parents' house (we don't know why, since the back door is always open when we're there). But, again, we didn't have those problems today. So, we're very proud of both dogs.

There are a lot of fireworks this time of year, because of "Guy Fawlks Day" (which is tomorrow) and Kero and I have watched them from our yard (or, in the case of last year, from the park) every year since he was a tiny little puppy. He's never been bothered by them (despite being scared of almost everything else) so Mam got a few for us to have tomorrow night. We had them tonight though, because when we were at my parents' place someone let some loud ones off and Kero got scared. I was a bit surprised Kero got scared, because this is his fourth year with fireworks, but his first year being scared of them. Maybe listening to that audiobook about the war with me made him think we were being bombed or something? I dunno. Either way, taking him with us wasn't an option any more, so Dad and Kelly stayed with him at my place while we went to do the fireworks.

Mam and I weren't alone for the fireworks though. Dad and Kelly had Kero at our place, and Mam and I invited Christy (9) and Ieuan (6) to come watch our fireworks. Christy and Ieuan are the younger two children of family friends called Tracey and Dill, and were more than happy to be invited to watch our fireworks. They were very well behaved while we were doing the fireworks, so before Mam took them home I gave each of them a little packet of chocolate buttons I'd found in my bedside drawer when looking for something yesterday. I know they can't have been there long, because chocolate never lasts me long. LOL!

I tell you what though, Christy sure can talk! Mam says I was that bad at her age, so I said "sorry!" LOL! I thought I talked a lot now, but even I couldn't get a word in half the time. LOL! And I haven't a clue what half she was saying was about. *Grins* Mam said "You sure like to talk, don't you, Christy?" And Christy stopped what she was saying long enough to say "Yep, I do!" Then off she went again. LMAO! Some of what she said made me laugh though. Like when Mam tripped and swore, and then remembered there were kids about and said she was sorry, prompting Christy to say "Oh, that's OK. I hear that kind of talk all the time from Dadi!" ROTFLMAO! Cheeky little buggar!

Ieuan wanted to give us something to thank us for the fireworks, so he gave me a rubber (as in eraser) he had in his pocket. He was going to give Mam a pencil, but it was stuck in his pocket, and he decided it was too hard to get it out. Plus he got side-tracked with making sure there were no leaves or stones on the path for me to slip or trip on. Bless him.

I hope my kids (when I have some) are as good as them two. I mean, there are times they mis-behave - they wouldn't be kids if they behaved all the time, LOL - but they're good most of the time and that's the best you can ask for with kids.

Anyway, that'll do for today.



KAYLEE said...


Tori_Z said...

Sorry to hear that Kaylee!

KAYLEE said...

Oh thanks.I am getting worried though cause of everything I am reading online,Says that I shouldnt be feeling this bad.And the fact,that I am could mean my body is rejecting the new heart! I may have my dad call the doc,and see what he says.

Tori_Z said...

People heal at different speeds, but if you're worried then it's best to call the doctor.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

as i havent been on here lately tori i will say ( welcome back love ) it is so nice to see your blog spot ,

and yes you did seem to have a great time with the fireworks and it was good that both dogs were behaving very well.

and i cant believe that some one chats MORE than you do,lol.

grandma x

Tori_Z said...

Welcome back to you too Grandma!

Honest, she really did talk more than me... Ask Mam if you don't believe me! LOL!

Kati said...

Sounds like a fun day. LOL Yeah, adolescent girls just can't seem to get enough of hearing their own voices. Then again, how many of us ACTUALLY outgrow that tendency completely. *grin*

Sorry to hear that Kero was scared of the fireworks this year. It's odd how that happens sometimes, that they'll be completely fine with something for a while, then it'll start freaking them out.

Tori_Z said...

LOL! That's true, I know of a few women (myself included) who never out grew it.

AliceKay said...

Yep, sounds like you had a great day. Kids will be kids, and they sound like very good kids to me. I'm happy you all enjoyed the fireworks together. *hugs*

Tori_Z said...

Yeah, they are, AK.