Monday, November 19, 2007

Stuff since Saturday

We spent the day with Mam at her place yesterday (Sunday). Well, it's Dad, Nan and Wayne's place too, but let's not be picky. LOL!

Anyway, We had our roast pork dinner (roast pork, roast potatoes, turnips, parsnips, sprouts, green beans and broccoli). and, yes, I did eat a little bit of broccoli. I usually refuse, but I need to eat it to keep my iron level up, so Mam agreed that if I eat it she'll give me an extra roast potato (my favourite part of the roast dinner). It's a small price to pay really. LOL!

After dinner, Dad and Kelly went up on the computers and Mam and I stayed downstairs

Mam is making me a really big (and I do mean REALLY BIG) sack to put the presents in by our tree so the cats can't get at them. I think I mentioned before that we tried to buy one but could only get a very small one or plastic bag type sacks that the cats would shred in a matter of seconds. Well, Mam has now made the sack itself (she made it while I was there with her yesterday) and was working on the Christmasy pictures to go all over it. Hopefully she'll have it done in time for when the tree goes up in two weeks time.

It's very cold here still. And you should hear the rain and wind! Yesterday it was so wet that even Willow and Kero (who LOVE to be outside) were reluctant to stay out there longer than they really had to. And, it's so cold that our cats are staying in most of the time. We're actually quite glad about that, because it means we can close the kitchen window, which is what they usually use to go in and out when ever they want to. We taught them to do that so we don't have to get up to let them in or out every two seconds. They will use the door if it's open, but this way they don't bug us every time they want to go outside or come inside.

They had snow up in North Wales, parts of Scotland, and parts of Northern England yesterday. Or, so the radio says. I'm hoping this means we will soon have some here in South Wales. Nobody else is though. LOL!

I'm not sure if he fully understands what Christmas is, but when we tell Kero it's only five weeks until Christmas eve, he gets VERY excited. I don't know if it's just because we are, or because I told him he'll get lots of presents when it's Christmas, or that I told him we're all having roast turkey for dinner on Christmas day. Either way, he gets so excited he can't sit still, and wags his tail so much we're sure one of these times it'll fall off. LOL!

I listened to "The Secret Garden" Saturday night. I've heard the story before... I mean, who hasn't? But when I get a new CD (be it an audio book, or music CD) it doesn't get put on the shelves, or on my lists of what I've got, until I've listened to it. So, I listened to it some time between when I finished watching the Harry Potter movie and when I went to bed. And, yes, I did enjoy it.

Ok, I think that's about everything worth talking about... lol!



AliceKay said...

I wish I could send you some snow, Tori. We have about four inches of a very wet, heavy snow here this morning. It's weighing down the tree branches and has made our electricity flicker a few times. I'm hoping the wind doesn't pick up and start breaking all those tree branches.

Hope you have a good Monday. *hugs*

Tori_Z said...

I'd be happy to take some of that snow off your hands if I could AK. LOL! :)

Hope you have a good Monday too! :) *hugs*

Kati said...

Why not top your potato with some broccoli & cheese??? That way you're getting the broccoli as well as your favorite part???? Just a thought. *grin*

Hope you had a great weekend, and a great coming week as well!

Tori_Z said...

We tried all the hiding the food tricks, but it's more a psychalogical (don't know if I spelled that right) thing. I have to convince myself to eat it or no amount of potatoes, cheese, or anything else can make me do it.

I know I need to eat more veg (especially the kinds with lots of iron in them) but I let myself in the habit of eating junk and it has taken me a while to get myself back in the habit of eating right. I'm getting better at it though, lol!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

tori if you hold on long enough your snow will come to you then you can jump up and down with glee.

good girl for eatting your veg so as you get the iron you need.

have a good week, hugss to you both.