Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Had enough

I didn't do a blog last night because I didn't really have a chance, not to mention the fact I really wasn't in the mood to do much writing.

For the most part it was a pretty good day yesterday. I got all caught up on blogs, and Mam came down for what should have been a lovely evening. Unfortunately, the evening wasn't as lovely as we'd hoped it would be. And, we spent most of the evening waiting for the police to get back to us. Why? Because of those bratty kids (well, I call them kids, but most of them are like 13 and over). What kids? The kids who, for the last two years, have been throwing stones at my windows and doors. Anyway, to cut a long story short, last night the stones hit people. On one occassion before the stones hit Kero, and we called the police then too. There have been other times we've called the police about those kids as well, but this time is the one I was going to talk about. This time was the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. Both Mam and I were in my doorway. Mam was having a smoke (I don't allow smoking in my house) and I was talking to her. Next thing we knew, something hit my wrist. I said "Ouch!" (Well, who wouldn't?) And Mam luckily turned to see what was wrong. I say "luckily" because the next stone hit her on the back of the head, bounced off the glass on my back door and landed behind me (we found out later it had landed on my kitchen table). Had she not turned, it would have hit her right in the eye. And, had I been stood where I was without her being there, it would have hit me straight in the eye. Apart from being a bit sore, my wrist is fine (the stone hit the bone on the side of my wrist) and apart from a bit of a lump and one heck of a headache Mam is fine too. But that's not the point. The point is that this has been going on for over two years, and I've had enough!

I was talking to Dave Brookes (host of the 'Real Late-Night Phone-In' on Real Radio) last night. I phoned on another matter, which isn't important, but stones came into the conversation somehow, and I ended up touching on talking about what happened. Anyway, Dave was interested and asked if I'd tell him a bit more about the stone throwing. So, I did. Short form is, he's writing to my local MP and AM (no idea who they are, or what the letters stand for, but they're important if I want something done about this) and telling them how annoyed he is that it's been allowed to happen for so long, even after so many calls to my housing association and the police. I thought that was rather nice of him.

The police couldn't make it out to talk to us last night, so they came this evening. They were fantastic. They're coming to get proper statements from us in a couple of days so we can take it to court. They're also calling my housing association to "talk to them" about the fact they assured me if I needed to be moved from here I would be, but when we requested it they refused to do so. And the fact that when Kero got hit with the stones they said "So? It's just a dog!"

Hopefully we can actually get moved to a better place now, and maybe the trip to court will make these bratty kids wake up and stop throwing stones. We can but hope anyway.



LadyStyx said...

Thank goodness something's *finally* being done about this mess. I hope you get the results you need.

ChicagoLady said...

OMG, I'm so glad you and your Mam weren't seriously hurt by the stones. I hope the police finally take care of the situation. Maybe those young people need to spend a couple days in the local jail?

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well tori that stone throwing has really got out of hand hasnt it, your mam told me about it last night, so yes lets hope that going to court will do the trick .

Tori_Z said...

Thanks. I'm glad something's finally being done too.

I don't know what jail is like over there, but jail isn't exactly a punishment over here. Or, it doesn't seem to be enough of one at any rate. Still, who knows? Maybe it would shake them up just enough to make them stop.

Yes, it is getting a bit out of hand, isn't it?

AliceKay said...

Wow...thank goodness you and your Mam weren't seriously hurt. Those "kids" need to learn respect. I hope they do. *hugs*