Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday already?

Is it really Thursday already? The days seem to be just zooming by! I planned on mentioning my friend Maree's birthday yesterday, but didn't get on the computer long enough to do so. And, now it's my sister-in-law (Sherry)'s birthday too. So, happy birthday to Maree for yesterday, and happy birthday to Sherry for today.

Yesterday would have been my Mam's Cocker Spaniel (Tela)'s birthday too. She'd have been 12 this year. It's such a shame she's no longer with us.

Mam and Dad came down for dinner yesterday. We were meant to have shepherd's pie for dinner, but it was only when we were about to put the meat on to cook that we realised we'd got the wrong meat out of the freezer. So, instead, we had a sort of beef cassarole with mashed potato, carrots and sprouts. And, yes, it was lovely!

My Mam manages to come down to visit a bit easier if my Dad is staying too. She's still not fully confident with doing it though. I can't say I blame her. I wouldn't come here any more either if I didn't live here. Apparently one of the lads causing most of the trouble is moving away, and the others haven't been around for over a week now, but none of this makes us feel any better. The damage is done now. Mam and I can't go in the yard, or stand near the back door without thinking about the night the stones hit us. And I almost missed an important visitor the other day because I assumed it was the kids again, and was reluctant to go and find out for sure. I hope we can get moved from here soon, because I don't know how long I can stay here before the day comes when I can no longer face going home. It's only my furbabies that make this still feel like home. Without them (and the fact there's fireworks - and not the good kind - whenever Mam and Kelly are together for too long, lol) I think we'd be living with Mam, Dad, Nan and Wayne by now.

On a more cheerful note...

I've finally gotten all the Christmas cards written, and Kelly is posting them later. Well, apart from the ones that need to go with presents. One of those will be going when we have an envelope the right size (we thought we got a big one, but it was labeled wrong, and turned out to be three small ones). The other will be sent in a parcel with stuff from Mam in it too. I was going to sort it myself, but this way is a bit easier for me at the moment.

So, what are you all doing today?

I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I need to call the doctor to see if I can persuade her to write a letter to the housing people for me, but that's about it. Don't feel like doing much today anyway. I think my "Winter cold" is coming. I woke up yesterday with a bit of a stuffy nose, but didn't worry about it. Then, this morning, I woke up with a bit of a sore throat and, yes, still a bit of a stuffy nose. Been sneezing on and off since I got up. First thing I did this morning was make myself an ACV (apple cider vinegar) drink. Hopefully I can stop this cold becoming a bad bout of flu. Then I can concentrate on looking forward to Christmas! LOL!

In one week and two days it will be time to start the advent calenders. YAY! Then the countdown to Christmas really gets going! I can't wait 'til December 3rd when the decorations go up!

Mam is doing really well with her driving lessons. I've been in the car with her driving a few times (obviously with her having a co-driver, since she's not allowed to drive without one until she passes her test) and I think she did a great job. If she keeps it up she'll be taking her test in no time, and will be more than ready to drive up to Carl and Rachel's place for their wedding in August 2008.

Still haven't had an appointment letter from the gynaecologist. I'll have to have someone find the last letter we had off them and read the number off it for me. I've got my next eye appointment though (I think I mentioned that a few days back) and I'll be seeing my old eye doctor (the one I had before going to Canada... I liked him) on January 10th 2008 at 10:30 am.

I think that's just about everything I've got to say for now.

Oh, yeah... Happy Thanksgiving America! :)



AliceKay said...

Thanks for the holiday wishes, Tori. We're going to Terri's older sister's house for dinner today. We all take a dish to pass and she does the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and a whole bunch of other dishes of food. LOL (no one better go away hungry). Takes us around 40 minutes to drive there. They live way out in the boonies...on a dirt road, too.

Hope you don't come down with a bad cold (or anything worse) for Christmas. No fun being sick, worse when it's a holiday.

Hope you have a good day, whatever you decide to do with it. *hugs*

Kati said...

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes, Tori.

I hope your appointment with your new (old) eye doctor goes well!!! It's important to like the person who helps take care of our health.

Hope the cold stays away and that you're able to get through the holidays without any illness.

Oh. I want your snail-mail addy, if you don't mind. I've gotta get my christmas cards written & out at a decent time this year. My email is katlynn underscore tay at yahoo dot com.

Have a great day!!!!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

oh dear tori lets hope that cold either comes quickly or does'nt come at all, as there is nothing so misserable as a cold.

so you only have another week before your decorations are up then you really will be excited wont you.

KAYLEE said...


ChicagoLady said...

Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes, Tori. I went to my aunt's house yesterday, we did a bit of shopping early, since Friday is called Black Friday here in the US (first official shopping day for Christmas). Today I helped her get dinner ready. It consisted of a 20 pound turkey, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, biscuits, but of course we forgot green beans. And of course there was pumpkin pie for dessert! I was so stuffed, we had to go take a nap afterwards before we could do the dishes, lol.

LadyStyx said...

Thanks for the holiday wishes! Today it was just me and hubby as neither of us has family in the area. Since hubby's still on a night schedule he wasnt up until 6pm or so...I got dinner ready and all we had to do is warm stuff up when he woke up. All I managed to do otherwise is 2 loads of laundry, some reading (5 chapters), go through my emails and put the decor up for 2 of my blogger pages. Not happy with the one so I'll be redoing that one later. Still gotta decorate my Myspaces.

Tori_Z said...

AK and ChicagoLady:
You guys are making me hungry! Good thing I'm having breakfast in a few minutes. LOL!

I sent you an e-mail.

You're right, it wouldn't be much fun being ill over Christmas.

I'm doing OK. I'm hoping I managed to catch the cold before it really got started.

Hope you're enjoying that book as much as you enjoyed the first one.