Friday, November 23, 2007

Presents, cards, papers and colds

Apart from getting my Dad's presents my Christmas shopping is done! And almost all of the Christmas cards are sent out. I've even got Kelly's main present (and a load of other presents for him). YAY me!

I've got two Christmas cards from people already too. One is one Mam wrote, but it's not from her and Dad. It's signed "love from Kero, the cats and Sirius." I know some of you probably think we're silly sending cards to and from the "pets" but they are family too! Anyway, the other one is from my friend, Corinne.

31 days to Christmas!!! YAY!!!

Kelly got me my paper shredder when he was in town yesterday. So, we sorted out all those papers I needed sorting out. It took ages, but it's finally done! I've gone from having two boxes of papers that don't close properly because they're too full, to having only one box of papers that closes just fine and even has room for a few more papers to be added to it.

I'm hoping I've caught my cold before it had a chance to get going. My nose isn't so stuffy today, and I haven't been sneezing as much. My throat is still a bit sore though. I'm hoping I can keep it at bay until Christmas is over.!

I think between this post, and the ones I did earlier, I've covered everything worth saying. So, I'm going to go make a cup of tea and see if there's anything worth watching on TV.



LadyStyx said...

YAY you! I've got my cards for the most part ready to go out Monday next week. Only ones not done are the ones I buy special cards for and ones Im enclosing giftcards in. My goal is to have those all done by the end of next week as I am NOT about to haul my tooshie everywhere in the madhouse that's Black Friday to get them. Just popping around the corner long enough to get the groceries and then right back home.

Tori_Z said...

Glad to hear you're on top of things! I don't blame you for not wanting to go out on "Black Friday." Even I know that's something to do if you can avoid it. Good luck getting the rest of your stuff sent out by the end of next week.

AliceKay said...

I haven't even thought about sending out Christmas cards yet. I'm on my way out the door to go to the bank, Kmart, and the grocery store, tho, so maybe I'll see if I can find some nice cards today.

I don't decorate for Christmas until after my daughter's birthday, which is on Dec. 16th. Been that way since she was born and will probably always be that way. What can I say? I get in ruts. LOL

(is today really Black Friday?) LOL

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well tori ( yah 0 to you for being so up to date with your cards, i havent even started doing mine yet.

and i do hope that cold dont get worse for you.

and of course i dont think its silly sending cards from and to the pets, jayde has got hers for me already.

KAYLEE said...

GLAD YOU ARE FEELING BETTER BUT ME? I AM IN THE ER WITH A TEMP.OF 105 DEGREES FAHRENHEIGHT :( Thats great you have most of your shoopping done HUGS!

Tori_Z said...

Pretty much everyone has a spacific date they put up the Christmas decorations. Or at least a rough time they start to think about it. There's nothing wrong with wanting to keep up traditions. No matter how silly they may seem to some people.

Thanks. And, has Jayde got you one?

Sorry to hear that. Hope your temp is down now, and that all this back and forth to the hospital stops soon. *hugs*

ChicagoLady said...

I've been sick since Friday morning. I woke up with a sore throat, which quickly spread to a runny/stuffy nose. Last night and today I've been sneezing, and my nose is all red and sore. Kind of like Santa! LOL Better to be sick now than over the holidays.

Hope you're feeling better!

Tori_Z said...

Sorry to hear you're sick. My cold can't make it's mind up if it's going to break or not. Hope it decides quickly and either hurries up and gets itself over with, or goes away until after Christmas. LOL!