Monday, November 12, 2007

Yesderday, Today and Tomorrow

Well, yesterday was "Rememberance Sunday" but I didn't really do anything to show it was any different from any other Sunday. Last year (when I was doing my streams) I made everyone do a minute silence at 11 O'Clock, but since I don't stream any more there wasn't much I could have done to show it was supposed to be a day to honour those lost in the various wars. So, instead I just went to my parents' place for dinner, like I do every Sunday now.

Mam and I spent most of the afternoon wrapping the stuff we'd brought in Swansea on Tuesday, and the rest of it trying to keep the dogs out of the bags. LOL! I'm not surprised they were in the bags though, because most of the stuff was (as I mentioned Tuesday) for them. In the end we gave them a rawhide candy cane each just so we could get the rest of the stuff wrapped up. LOL!

Then, today (Monday) I spent the afternoon by myself, because Kelly went up to my parents' place, and my Mam was later than usual coming down, because she had trouble making herself do it. I can't say I blame her. I wouldn't want to come back on this estate if I didn't live here either.

We got a hold of someone from the people who house us today, and they asked for letters to confirm everything that we told them on the phone. They don't want one from me because they don't see the point when Mam could give them more info anyway, but they wanted one from Mam, and Kelly. And when Laura (a family friend who I grew up with) came here this evening, she said she'd write one too. So, we did it on my computer and got them all printed out. We're hoping to mail them tomorrow.

We also managed to get a message to my social worker, who can help us by writing to them too. She wasn't available at the time, but should be calling us in a couple of days. She was already concerned and wanting us moved before last week's incident, so I know she'll be happy to help us to give the housing people a kick up the backside.

On a brighter note, six weeks today is Christmas eve. And on an even brighter note (in my opinion anyway) tomorrow is my birthday! YAY! And There's a whole bag of presents in our living room right at this moment waiting for me to open when I get up in the morning. There's some cards in there too. LOL!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is also shopping day, so all the lists (the menu for the week and the shopping list) have been written, printed out, and put in my bag for tomorrow. Well, actually the menu is waiting to go on the fridge tomorrow. We do our menu from Tuesday to Monday, because I shop on a Tuesday. Over Christmas though, I'll need to do one that covers a couple of weeks.

Here's what our menu looks like this week:

Beef, potatoes and peas

Chinese take-away (we were going to have this Tuesday, but decided to wait until Wednesday and invite Mam and Dad to have some too. Besides, then they can pick it up on their way down to us. LOL!)

Pasta with a tomato sauce

Sausage and chips/fries

Something from the freezer (which basically means something quick and easy that we can make for ourselves, depending on what we have, what we fancy, or whether it's Mam or Kelly who's home with me)

Roast dinner (that's what Mam always cooks on a Sunday. I think it's pork this week)

Baked potato, tuna and cheese

I'm afraid it's not very inventive this week. Still, it's better than the menu I used to eat, which consisted of chips/fries with something (usually burger, fried eggs, pizza or cheese and gravy).

OK, that's basically all I have to say today, so I guess it's time to hit the 'publish' button.



ChicagoLady said...

An early Happy Birthday to you Tori! Although by the time you read this, it will be your birthday! Enjoy the day, and I hope you get lots of nice things!

AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday from me too, Tori. I hope you have a wonderful day. *hugs*

Kati said...

Happy Birthday Tori!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day!!! Wishing you a coming year full of love, light, and laughter.

Karen said...

A very happy birthday to our lovely daughter
Love always
mam and dad

theteacher said...

happy birthday! hope you got loads of wicked pressies!

Liz said...

Tori thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I have to wish you a very happy birthday and I hope all your presants were everything you would have wished for, I also hope you had a great day. Your weeks menu looks very nice but can I say not enough vegatables, lol, they are essential you know, I am a big beleiver in veg and fruit, also lots of red wine lol.

LadyStyx said...

Have a wonderful birthday hun!! *HUGS*

Tori_Z said...

Thanks all.

Auntie Lizzie:
I know there aren't enough veggies in this week's menu. We're having a lazy week because of my birthday. I promise you we're planning on going back to making more of an effort to include veggies next week.