Sunday, July 03, 2011

Courses and a clarification

I still haven't done the work for the courses I signed up for a couple of months ago, but - as I said back then - there's no submissions required, so I can do them whenever I want to. I do read through each lesson before transfering it to a word document and filing it away in my "coursework" folder though. Anyway, there are loads I still want to do on there, so I figured I should get myself signed up for another batch. At least then I can gather up all the stuff to do when I'm ready. My plan is to collect up all the courses I want to do, then set a "coursework time" for myself when I work on them for a certain amount of time each day. But, first I want to get all the ones I want to do; while they're all definately still available and free! So, this time I signed up for:

Character Archetypes
Childrens (2 - 8) Picture Book Writing
Childrens Verse
Childrens' Story Writing
Creating Great Fictional Characters
Creating Great Plots
Defamation: Writer Beware
Developing Characters
Dialogue For Writers

I signed up for them early this morning, so I should start getting the lessons through in the next couple of days. Then, as before, when I have all of the lessons for these ones I can sign up for another batch. I could sign up for all the courses I want at once, but it's easier to keep track of them in smaller batches than it is when you have a huge stack of them to sort through at any given time. Yes, it takes longer to get them all this way, but it also takes less time to sort through my e-mails each day this way. Besides, I have to have help with signing up because of word verification, and people tend to get a bit fed up of, "OK, ready for another word verification," after a bit, and I don't want to be annoying if I can avoid it.


In case you're wondering - since I have been asked about this by a couple of people - no, I haven't been watching all these movies and reading all these books back to back. The stacks of reviews I've been posting recently (and most of the movie and book reviews still waiting to get published) are the ones I kept mentioning that were stacking up in "draft" on my dashboard. I have added a few new ones to them (both books and movies), but most of them are ones I watched late last year or right at the start of this year. They aren't in any spacific order though, you're just getting them in the order I grabbed them when I decided I needed to get them posted so started scheduling them to go up any day there wasn't a holiday or a birthday happening.


Hope you're having a fantastic weekend...

*Sending hugs and positive thoughts to those in need of them; be it because you're not feeling well at the moment, because of something upsetting or difficult to deal with happening in your life, or simply because you just feel like you could use a hug!*


Anonymous said...

Hugs right back to you Tori!!! Those sound like great courses you signed up for. I went to that site but I haven't done anything I would love to but I just don't have time, good luck with yours and have a great Sunday :o)

AliceKay said...

Those courses sound interesting. I clicked on "Character Archetype" to see what it was because I'd never seen that word before - archetype. Defamation - always good to know what is right and what is wrong.

Thanks for the hugs and positive thoughts. We had thunderstorms that lasted most of last night, and some of them were very loud. Didn't sleep well at all. I hope the weather is better over your way and that you have a great Sunday.

Deanna said...

Thans for the hug, Tori. One can never get too many hugs!

Those courses sound interesting. You are wise to be getting them while they are still free. Can't wait to hear how you like them.

Hope you have a GREAT Day!

Rita said...

I've saved all the ones I signed up for. They just sounded like something good to do in the wintertime. That's when I plan to go through some of mine, anyways. Have fun with yours!! :):)

Toriz said...


I don't have time to actually do them right now either, I'm just grabbing them while I know I can, then I can do them when I do have time. I mean, they're free, and you don't have to submit any work (which means no deadlines to worry about), so why not, eh?

AK *Double checks, yep, definately AK this time*:
I wasn't entirely sure what the word "archetype" meant until I clicked to have a proper look at the course either, but when I figured it out I decided it would be useful. I'm going to sign up for all the writing ones; I may not use a lot of the writing ones, but they're free and available, so I figure I might as well.

And, my thoughts exactly (with the defamation one). Better safe than sorry, right?

Beautiful and sunny here; a bit too hot for my liking though. Still, it's very welcome after the rainy weather we've had for most of this past month!

I agree; there's no such thing as too many hugs!

I'll probably share more on them as I actually do the work for them; whenever that ends up being.

Good idea! Like I said though, my plan is to make a "coursework time" once I've grabbed them all (which, at this rate, will probably be Winter anyway, LOL!) I will then make that time slot my writing time for each day once I've done the courses. The plan being that the courses will get me in the habbit of sitting down to do some "work" for at least an hour each day, and then I can start working on the writing projects I want to get done. Of course, if I start those in the meantime, so much the better, but I'm sure I can think of something to write about afterwards! ;)

Intense Guy said...

*double hugs*


You write very well as it is - these courses should polish that skill!

Toriz said...

*Hugs you back*

Thanks; I hope so! Then maybe I can be satisfied enough with something to try and get it published? LOL!