Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Johnny and the Bomb (TV Series/Movie)

"Based on the book by Terry Pratchett, the adventure begins for thirteen-year-old Johnny Maxwell and his four friends when they come to the aid of eccentric homeless woman, Mrs Tachyon, and are left minding her trolley full of black bags while she is hospitalised. When the children later visit her in hospital, Mrs Tachyon lets them into the secret that her black bags-- or 'Bags of Time-- are special and can be used to create a gateway to the past. The five youngsters end up during the Blitz where fun and games turn serious when they quickly realise the prejudices of the era. But when they return to their own time, the gang discover they have somehow changed history as a result Johnny's grandmother died in a bombing as a teenage girl meaning Johnny's mother and, in turn, himself were never born. The children are now in a race to fix the path in order to save the future but can they succeed before the bombs start falling...?"

(Above taken from this page).

My Dad has this on DVD and brought it down for us to watch. I'm glad he did, since it was absolutely fantastic! I've read the book it's based on - and I'm sure I've reviewed it on here at some point - and that was fantastic too!


Rita said...

I like time travel movies and series, but--as you know--I am full up on Netflix so I'm not going to even go look and see if they have this--LOL!! ;) I'd probably watch it, tho.

Toriz said...

It's a shame you've got so many movies in your list already, because I think you'd enjoy it!

AliceKay said...

Sounds like a good one. I'm glad you thought it was fantastic. :)

Intense Guy said...

Just goes to show - you shouldn't mess around with things if you ever go back in time.

Toriz said...

Yes; and should I ever get the oppertunity to go back in time, I will make sure to remember that!