Friday, July 08, 2011

A scarf, a doll, and upcoming crafts

OK, well, I finished the craft item I said I wanted to finish before I did the post to catch you up, and to let you know about upcoming projects, so...

I'm a firm believer in the best presents being handmade items, so with that combined with how expensive things are getting these days - not to mention how the family is growing - I decided that any children who will be getting things from me for the holidays this year will be getting handmade items. This gives me about half a dozen items that need to be knitted for children (not to mention a couple I want to make for adults). And all of them have to be finished before the end of November so as to allow them time to get to where they need to get to in time (especially since there's a chance of the kind of weather we had last December happening again this year).

Well, I've managed to finish two of the items.

The first is this scarf:

It's for Emilee (Pia's little girl).

Now, I know a scarf isn't the most exciting of presents, but Emilee turned 6 at the end of May, and... Seriously... What do you make for a 6 year old these days? I mean, most children are wanting expensive items like computer games and ipods by the time they're 4 these days, aren't they? So I figured at least she'd have a nice new scarf to wear when she goes back to school after the holidays. And at least she wouldn't be left out with having something handmade just for her. Plus, she likes my knitting work (both her and Pia love the blanket I made Max) so I hope she'll be as pleased with her scarf as she was with Max's blanket!

I'm making a similar one for Ryan (Pia's middle child and oldest boy), because he'll be almost 4 by then, and I think he'd like having a new scarf like his big sister for going to school (children start school at age 4 over here... Sometimes a bit before, depending on when they have their birthday, and Ryan's birthday is January, so he'll either start in September or January, depending on the preferences of the school).

Max will get a toy though. I'm thinking possibly a plane similar to the one I made Michael. A toy will be better for him, because he only turns 1 in October, so playing with a toy will mean much more to him than wearing a scarf like his older siblings.

Anyway, the other thing I made was a doll for Emma-Jane.

Here's the back of it:

And the front of it:

I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but the red shape on the doll's tummy is a star. Emma absolutely loves star shapes, so I thought she'd like that. I did the doll's clothes as part of the doll itself, because since she'll be not quite 2 when she gets it, we think it would be best if the doll's clothes aren't removable (otherwise it wont be long before we have a naked doll, and a missing set of doll clothes).

Anyway, I'll tell you about other projects as I do them, but the childrens' presents are what I'm working on right now. I'm currently a little way through Ryan's scarf, then I'll be making Max's little knitted toy, and after that... Well, after that I'll tell you about the next items on my "projects waiting to be created" list.


Intense Guy said...

That airplane was so cool - I'm sure you couldn't miss with something like it.

I think the doll is even cooler than the airplane!

I hope all your gifts are treasured and worn/used with the same love you poured into making them.

Rita said...

Wow! Did you have a pattern for that doll? That's complicated! Love her long braids!

The scarf is very pretty. I think it's perfect for a little girl.

Handmade gifts are becoming obsolete, too, I think. And they are soooo much more special! I think they will be loved and appreciated. :)

Deanna said...

I think a scarf is a perfect gift for a 7 year old... especially one as pretty as the ones you make.

Emma's little doll is precious. She is going to love it!!!!!

Toriz said...

Thanks all! :)

No, I just made it up as I went along; out of all the toys I've made, the only one I had a pattern for was the first one I made... An elephant I made for Eleri (the neighbour who used to live upstairs until about a year ago). I made it for her as a combination birthday and "thank you for the piles of wool you gave me" present. She gave me piles of wool when her Mother died; seriously! Apart from a few balls I'd brought for myself (and a small bag of wool my Nan gave me) all the wool I've used for all the stuff I've made came from Eleri. And I still have a good stack of wool left, plus gave a bit to my Mam when she was knitting baby items for Emma and Michael before they were born. I had to buy a bit of blue, but other than that I have all the wool I need to do all the projects on my list of things I plan to make... Plus a good few balls of wool that will be left for me to do more projects afterwards! But, anyway, as I was saying... I used a pattern I have for the elephant, but when I went to make Faye a little Westie I made up the pattern based on one for a larger sized Westie teddy I had, and then the rest of the toys I've made... a dinosaur I made for Lucas, the horse I made for his little brother Joel, the shaped blocks and plane for Michael, and now Emma's doll... I just made them up as I went along (and never even thought to write the patterns down).

Rita said...

You are very creative and talented!! Wow! :)

AliceKay said...

I'm amazed at the things you knit for your friends and family. The scarf is a great idea and looks like you knitted a nice one. The doll is really detailed. I'm amazed at your ability. I'm sure all of the kids will love what you make for them. :)

Susan said...

These are all awesome! I love the scarf!! do you knit scarves with any of those designers fibers? you know the fuzzy one and eyelash ones etc?

How many skeins of yarn does it take to make a scarf for an adult, a hipster, you know they like them long, as they fold them in half and then take the 2 ends and put them through the fold as it is around their neck? I have seen some beautiful scarves on people that have either made them themselves or rec'd as a gift (my daughter rec'd one from an X boyfriend's mom) and they are all over etsy!

Toriz said...

Thanks! *Blushes*

Thanks! :)

It takes roughly 3 or 4 100g balls for the average adult scarf - maybe even 5 if the person wants it really, really long - though that is, of course, depending on whether I'm knitting tightly or loosely, and also whether I'm making the kind that's wider, the kind that's narrower, or the kind that you knit wide, but fold over to make a thicker scarf, if you know what I mean.

I've not really used any of the fancy threads, but I could do so if I wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Love the projects you did they are so pretty and will be making the little ones so happy :o)

Toriz said...

Thanks Lynn! :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Both look darling!! You do great work!

Toriz said...

Thanks Jeannie! :)

*Blushes from all the compliments*