Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award (FD)

On Thursday, Iggy gave me The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award... Thank you, Iggy! :)

I'm supposed to tell you 7 random things about me, then pass this on to 5 others. So, let me see... 7 things about me... Preferably things you don't know yet...

1. I would absolutely love to write a book that becomes as popular as Harry Potter, but I've never managed to complete any of the novels I've started writing. Also, I've never submitted one of my short stories to a publisher, because I'm worried I'll get one of those nasty rejection letters.

2. I've had the name for my first born son (if I ever have one) picked out since before I got married, but I change my mind about what I would call a girl constantly.

3. My favourite fruit has been grapes since I was old enough to eat solid food.

4. I've had the same favourite song since I was a toddler. It's "Ottawan - Hands Up"... I don't know why. I do, however, know that I used to call it "Babe," and used to know all the dance moves to it, and used to do them every time it came on. I don't remember most of them now though... It's been so long since I've done them.

5. Of all the animals that have been a part of my life, the one I miss the most is my Oriental cat, Myskanco "Chance" Silva Flame. Though I've loved all my pets, Chance is my favourite of the ones I no longer have (and there are quite a few... Take a look at the pets' page and you'll see what I mean). The only one who means as much to me as Chance is my little West Highland White Terrier... Castellan Keroberous.

6. I can - and will, quite happily - still sit for hours playing with Lego, despite the popular opinion that I should have grown out of it about 15 years ago.

7. Kelly and I are thinking of moving away from where we're currently living.

As for who I'm passing it on to... Hmmm... I can't decide, so I'm going to cheat on this... If you haven't had it, read my blog, and want to play along, consider this yours!


Rita said...

I just had to go to youtube and see if I could find this song I've never heard of.

So, you knew all the steps those people were doing all around the stage, eh? It's a happy, happy song!! I see why you liked it. ;)

If you want to get published you will get rejection letters. Collect them like trophies and learn from any that take the time to actually comment. Harry Potter was rejected, too. The first short story I sent out to the literary magazines I sent it to 30 places and 28 of them rejected me. Most with a form letter, two never even responded at all...but a rare few added a comment on the form rejection letter. I saved each and every one of them! :)
After you finish a book you usually have to find an agent first--get rejected by agents until you find one who believes in you--and then the agent does the looking for a publisher. I learned a little about it when I was in college. Publishing is a whole other world. I honestly think you'd be a great children's book writer! You have never lost that magic!! (Hence the Legos, right?) Write what you love, Lady!

Loved your list. Thanks for sharing. :):)

AliceKay said...

I'm with Rita. I think you would make a wonderful children's book writer.

Interesting random things list. Number 7 caught me off guard. Hope things are going okay for you.

And...I hope you're having a great Sunday. It's still hot here but not as bad as it's been the last few days.

AliceKay said...

*thanks Rita for posting that link*

Toriz said...

I could have sennt you an mp3 of the song... I have it on my computer. Anyway, yes, I used to know all the steps. Don't think I could remember them any more though.

I know I'll get rejection letters... Probably loads of them... But dreading that part is what's made me reluctant. I will try and get something published one day though... Honest!

You're right, I haven't lost that magic of childhood... I can still play make-believe with the best of them. Yeah, maybe that's why the Legos, lol! Also, maybe that's why kids like me so much?

Thanks! :)

Yeah, I figured number 7 would do that to most people. I will do a post soon to say more about number 7. Things are OK though. Like I said, I'll explain better soon.

I've had a pretty good Sunday. We've mostly nice weather the past two days. There was some rain early this morning, but other than that... Perfect! Sunny and warm, but not too hot! :)

Deanna said...

Number 7 got me too. I was like what? Legos are not just for kids. I love sitting down with the grands and play with them. They are fun! As far as a novel, go for it. Rita is right, you will definitely get some rejection letters, but you certainly won't get published if you don't try!

Have a wonderful week.


Intense Guy said...

I know you would be a great writer - be it childrens, adults and/or poetry. You are already an awesome poet.

Lego of my legos!!

Toriz said...

Will be explaining number 7 soon... Promise!

Good for you with the Legos, and thanks about the writing thing! :)

You have a wonderful week too!

Thanks! :)

LOL about the Lego part of your comment!

Furry Bottoms said...

I would definitely sit with you and play legos with you for hours too. I don't care about the age restrictions!! It's fun!

Toriz said...

You're welcome to come play Legos any time! :)