Friday, June 01, 2007

Ah, that's better!

I managed to have a nice cup of tea in peace, and wake up properly before Shireen got up this morning. I actually ended up going to get her up, because she still wasn't up 20 minutes before my Mam was due to come down here and fetch her.

I've had a nice, relaxing day today. It's been beautiful and sunny, and I've not really done much. Mostly I've been watching TV and playing on World Of Warcraft.

Chance is loving his new bed (look at the photo), and Kero seems to really like it too. All yesterday afternoon, and all day today, either one or the other of them have been sleeping on it.

OK, well, I keep getting in to the TV and forgetting what I was going to say, so, I'm going to just hit 'publish' now, I think.


P. S. There are new photos in my photo albums if you want to take a look.


AliceKay said...

The bed looks nice and comfy.

Tori_Z said...

Oh, it is! If it was a bit bigger, I'd join them on it! It's basically a round cushion in covered in fleece, and it's SO SOFT!!!