Thursday, June 07, 2007

Phones and things

Wow! It's Thursday already! Can you believe it? This week seems to have just zoomed by! Or, is it just me?

On Tuesday, I went to Swansea with my Mam. We left here just before 10:00 am, and never got home again until almost 6:00 pm. By which time, we were exhausted!

Our main reason for going, was to look for a new phone for me. A couple of months ago, I got myself a nice little phone - a Nokia 5300 - but it wasn't what I wanted. There's loads of features on it, but they leave no room for storing things on the phone. And, since I was getting fed up of seeing the "not enough memory" message, I decided to just figure out what I wanted, and go out and buy a new one. The result was that, after looking in every phone store in Swansea, I got a Nokia 6230i. It's a couple of steps back from the Nokia 5300, but it does what I wanted, and has more space for storage. The only down side with it, is that the camera on it isn't all that good. But, since I have an expensive digital camera that Kelly got me for my birthday last year, I decided that didn't matter. Plus, the Nokia 5300 is one of those slide-up phones, and I hated that. The Nokia 6230i isn't one of those. Kelly needed a new phone, so since he doesn't use his for anything other than phone calls, and text messages - which means he doesn't need much storage space - I gave him the Nokia 5300. He seems to be pleased with it.

I also got a new watch. It's a pink, grey and white sports watch. I'm not usually big on pink (I prefer purple or red) but I liked the look of it, and I wanted a watch as close as possible to the one my Nan got me a couple of years ago. I still have that one, but it doesn't work any more. When the battery needed to be replacd (not the last time we took it in, the time before) we had to take it to a different jeweler to the one we usually use, and he seems to have damaged it when changing the battery. When we took it in the last time (to the usual place) he had trouble getting it to work again, and told me I'd be better off buying a new watch. Now, he could have just been saying it to get me to get a new watch, but since the battery went again within a month or so, I just decided to buy a new watch anyway. So, on Tuesday, I got an Adidas Ladies Sports Watch.

My Mam went in a few clothes shops, and got a nice set of clothes. I think she wore them when she made the journey to see my Grandma yesterday (Wednesday). And I said that if she went to clothes shops, it was only fair that I got to go to a book store. So, we went to Waterstones. I asked about the Doreen Tovey books, but the only one they had in stock was one of the ones I already had. They offered to order the others, but I said to leave it for now. Then Mam tried to get me to leave, but I told her it wasn't right to go to a book store without buying at least one book. So, I got books nine, ten, eleven, and thirteen of the Lemony Snicket set. I have books seven and eight on order from Play, so I didn't need those, and they didn't have book twelve. I ordered book twelve on Play when I got home though. So, once books seven, eight, and twelve, arrive from Play, I'll have the whole set. I hope they hurry up, because I'm a good few chapters into book six already.

I also got a little pouch-type bag thing to use when I just need something to put my keys in when I walk Kero, or to put my keys and wallet in if I got out somewhere and don't want to take my whole bag. Like if I go out to dinner, or am just popping up the road for something. Plus, we stopped at Tesco on the way home, and I did the weekly food shop. Oh, and I picked up my Grandma's birthday present, and birthday cards for her and my Dad.

Speaking of my Grandma's birthday. Her birthday is today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandma.

I've spent the time between when I got home Tuesday and when I started writing this post, alternating between reading, watching TV, walking Kero, sleeping, and playing World Of Warcraft. So, enough to keep me busy, but nothing really worth writing about. Therefore,
I think that's enough from me for today.



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

what a busy little person you are , and thank you for your good wishes on here and for my card and pressie ( i love them )

grandma xx

AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday to Tori's grandma. :) (sorry I'm a bit late...time zones aren't very nice sometimes)

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

thank you ak from tori's grandma and its better late than never , lol .