Saturday, June 23, 2007

We called him 'Jake'

About 2:30 am, we were woken up by Kero barking at a noise that he'd heard outside. At the point when I was telling Kero to be quiet, we heard the garden gate close. A few seconds later, we heard a dog howling just outside our door. We waited a while, then Kelly went out to investigate. Outside, intentionally left there, was a black and white dog with no collar on. We knew from hearing the gate that someone had shut it in. We tried several times to get it to go out of the gate, but every time we shut it out, it would find a way to get back in.

A couple of neighbours had been woken up too, and we asked them if they knew who's dog he was. Nobody had even seen him before.

After about an hour of trying, and failing, to get him to leave, we decided the best thing would be to keep him contained until the morning when we could either find out where he lived, or get someone to pick him up. So, we left him in the yard and went inside. He followed us in. We tried several times to get him to stay out, but when the only successful time ended up with him one side of the door, and Kero the other, with both dogs howling, we decided the only way anyone would get any sleep, was if the dog came inside with us.

We shut the door to the front room and kitchen, which is where the cats have the open window they use to go in and out as they please, made sure that our window was shut so the cats didn't come in that way, made sure both Kero and the dog were the side of the house we wanted them, and went to bed. Kelly and I woke every few minutes though, checking on Kero and the dog.

At one point during the night, Kelly commented that he looked like a 'James' to him, and I said I thought he looked more like a 'Jake' to me, and at the mansion of the name 'Jake' the dog looked right at me. We don't know if his name is Jake, or if he just liked the name, but he responded well to it, so, for the rest of the time he was here, we called him Jake.

When we got up, I tried again to persuade him to go off and find his home. Jake was having none of it though, so I called the RSPCA. They kept insisting it wasn't their job, it was the local council's job to pick up strays. I thought that was stupid, but phoned the council anyway. The council told me that the department that deals with that is only open from Monday to Friday, but if I kept him until Monday they'd come and fetch him. I told them there was no way I could keep him that long, so they told me to phone the local police and ask them to take him. Which I did. The police said they'd take him if I could bring him in. I told them I had no car, so they said I had to either find someone who has one, or keep him until the council could come and get him, because they don't have dogs in their cars any more, unless they are properly trained police dogs. Apparently, the dogs kept "making a mess" in the cars, and then they'd be out of action for four days while they were being cleaned. LOL!

Anyway, I phoned my Mam, who had Dave (who's visiting with Jackie, Elizabeth and Shireen, and doing some work in Mam's bathroom for her) come down and fetch Jake and take him to Ammanford police station. They're going to check him for a chip, if he has one, call the owner. If not, they're going to hold him for a couple of days to see if someone reports him missing. If nobody does, they'll find him a space in a rescue center.

I'm positive though, that if they don't find his owner, they'll have no trouble finding him a home, because Jake's a lovely dog. He has a wonderful temperament, and is very well trained. I threw a ball for him, while we were waiting for my Mam, and he jumped in the air, did a sort of backwards somersault, then caught it. It was awesome! Shame I'd put the camera away! I did, as you probably saw while reading through the post, take a couple of pictures of him though. I'll tell you honestly, if we had a bigger place, and if we didn't have the cats (Kero and Jake got on great) then I'd tell the police that if they can't find his owner I'd take him. But, we're not in a position to take on a dog of that size. Not to mention, my cats would NOT approve. Chance made that perfectly clear, when he saw Jake in the garden. Let's just say, size doesn't always matter... Poor Jake!

I was a bit annoyed with one of my neighbours though. I had Jake and Kero in the yard, waiting for Mam and Dave, and she opened her window to talk to me. Jake went to investigate, and she turned round and told me if he jumps in her house, she'll take a knife to him. How cruel is that?

Oh yeah! For the benefit of anyone who doesn't know... Kelly is my husband (as I mentioned in the comments section a couple of days ago), Elizabeth is my adopted sister, Shireen is Elizabeth's biological sister (and my Mam's Godchild), Jackie is Shireen and Elizabeth's biological mother (and one of my Mam's best friends), and Dave is Jackie's partner.



AliceKay said...

I sure hope "Jake" finds a good home if his owner(s) doesn't claim him. Looks like a nice dog.

Tori_Z said...

I'm sure he will (if his owner doesn't claim him). Though, it would be nice if they found a chip, or if the owner reports him missing.

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well it sure as hell happens to you tori dont it , and yes i could well imagine that you would have kept " jake " if you had the room , he looked a lovely dog and kero looked pleased to have a pal as well , but you did the best thing phoneing around like you did , " BUT " i cant understand the " RSPCA " not helping after all the money they get from the public, so ( what happens to animals ) over the weekend that are in distress ????? .

grandma x

Tori_Z said...

Every time I've asked the RSPCA for help, they've failed to help.

First, there was a cat who'd been shot, and it took them over a week to come and get it, and when they did I told them I wanted my info kept private. I'd gone around looking for his owner, and not found one, and when it turned out it had aids, I gave my permission for it to be put to sleep. Soon after that, someone came knocking on my door. The RSPCA had given that person my details, and they'd come to yell at me for putting "their" cat to sleep. She said it wasn't exactly her cat, but it spent a lot of time in her garden, so that made it more hers than mine. But it spent just as much time in my garden (and house) as it did in hers.

Anyway, the next time was with Ayla. When she got out. They told me it wasn't their job to help catch cats that had gotten out. They told me to just wait quietly, and when she comes out of hiding, throw a towel "or something" over her.

So, I'm quickly loosing my faith in the RSPCA.

Robyn said...

You would have thought they'd have cared a bit more, wouldn't you?