Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hamish the Westie

Hamish is a West Highland White Terrier. He's about six years old, and he was given to me yesterday.

Kero is thoroughly enjoying having his new playmate. He's spent ages trying to get Hamish to play tuggy with him. But, Hamish isn't interested in games of tuggy.

I'm sure you'd like to see Hamish, so, I took a photo of him.

I also got a couple of photos of Hamish and Kero together, and a couple of videos of Kero trying to persuade Hamish to play with him.

I have a pretty good idea why Hamish wont play with Kero properly. Take a good look at his photo, and I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out too...

Yes, that's right, it's because Hamish is a toy. LOL!

He's a battery powered Wesie that Wayne was given a while back. While I was at my parents' place yesterday, Wayne was cleaning out his room, and trying to get rid of any old stuff he didn't want any more. When he discored Hamish, he offered Hamish to me.

Wayne asked me if I would look after his Westie for him. He told me he couldn't keep it at our parents' place, so it needed a home. Then he offered to go and get him to show me so I could decide if I wanted him.

I was relieved when he was only carrying a toy dog when he came back into the yard (where I was waiting with my Mam, who it turned out was in on the whole thing).

Check out my photo albums and video clips sections if you want to see the rest of the photos, and the videos.



AliceKay said...

Hamish is rather cute. Looks like Kero is enjoying the company, too. LOL

Tori_Z said...

Yeah, it does, doesn't it... LOL!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

wow hamish is fantastic , and yes kero looks as if he doesnt quite know what to do with him appart from sniffing at his bum .

Tori_Z said...