Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sunny - but boring - Saturday

I'm SO bored!!!

It's a lovely day, with a beautiful, cloud-free sky, and Kero and I have had a couple of really nice walks, but other than that, I've been just hanging out at home being bored. I've got a few dishes to finish washing, but that's about it.

There's not even anything interesting on TV. The few shows that I like to watch, I've seen so many times that I could pretty much quote every word of them to you. The rest of them are rubbish.

I could read, but I don't want to finish my book too soon, because, even though book twelve has arrived from Play, books seven and eight haven't arrived yet. I was going to call Play yesterday, but their web site said I had to wait 21 days before they'd do anything, and 21 days doesn't run out until June 17th. So, I have to wait another eight days before I can even report them as not being here. When I've finished the book I'm on, I'll have to read a couple of the short story books I have in my pile while I wait, I guess. *Sigh* And I was doing so well at reading the sereies fairly quickly too!

I guess I'll go finish these dishes, then go play on World Of Warcraft. Zararose is almost level 49 now. Maybe I'll get her to 49 before dinner?

Before I go though, I just wanted to say that today is my Mother-In-Law (Jenifer)'s birthday. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom.



AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday to Tori's mother-in-law, Jenifer!

If you have some spare time, Tori, you can come to my place and get rid of some bats for me. :\

Tori_Z said...

Ummm... I'm not THAT bored! LOL!