Monday, June 04, 2007

Lemony Snicket - The Austere Academy

After reading the first four books in this series, I said that no book in the set was better than any of the others. I guess I was wrong. In books one to four, by the time you were nearing the end of Chapter twelve, you knew what was going to happen, but continued reading anyway. The only thing you didn't already know when you were about to start chapter thirteen, was how it would actually happen. But with this book - book five - it's different. You still don't know exactly what will happen until it is time to read about it happening in the thirteenth and final chapter. And so, I feel that I con say with confidence that this is the best book in the series. So far anyway. I wouldn't like to assume at this point that this is the best book in the entire series, so I wont. But, it's the best book out of the first five books. Anyway, I finished reading the book last night, so tonight I'll be starting book six... "The Ersatz Elevator."

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