Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sky = Skie = Cloud

SKY - An English word taken from the Old Norse word "Skie," which means "Cloud"

Did any of you know that? If not, don't feel bad, I only learned it yesterday. I have to ask now though, is it really right to say that we have a, "Beautiful, cloud-free sky" today? After all, wouldn't that mean that I'd be saying we have a, "Beautiful, cloud-free cloud" today? Hm... I guess something got lost in the translation. Maybe the Norse folk didn't have an actual word for the sky (as in, what we now call the sky) and pointed up at the clouds, and whoever was trying to learn the language got it wrong? I mean, that kind of thing can happen. And, I don't have any other ideas. Do you?


Robyn said...

No. I dont have nay other ideas
Interesting fact though, where'd you learn that?

Tori_Z said...

Well, I was looking on one of the name sites that I have linked on my sidebar, and wondered if there was any other meaning behind the name "Skye" and it said something about being from an Old Norse word meaning cloud. So, I searched for "Old Norse words" on Google, and there was a site that listed some, which is where I got the actual part that I posted from.