Friday, June 11, 2010

Kero's korner: me in the garden

Hiya humans, it's Kero here!

I thought that this week I would just catch up on sharing some photos of me that Mami took in our back garden in May, which my pal Iggy sorted for us at the time, but I never got around to posting, because I just had so many other things going on. So, here they are:

And I also want to share some photos that Dadi took of me and Mami on the swingseat last week.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Licks and sniffs,


Deanna said...

You've gotten real good at posing, Kero.

I especially like the pictures of you and Mami!

Intense Guy said...

At the risk of sounding like Billy Crystal, you look marvelous, simply marvelous Kero!

I agree with Deanna - the shot of you with your obviously adoring and doting mami are precious. Anyone can tell she loves you to pieces!

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Thank you both.

Licks, sniffs, and tail wags,

Rita said...

What a handsome fellow you are.
For a dog.
Miss Karma

AliceKay said...

Yes, yes, yes...I enjoyed the photos. :) You are one lucky dog to have such a loving Mami.

Toriz said...

Kero said...

Well, thanks. Coming from a cat I will definately consider that a compliment. I've had a lot to do with cats, and I know they aren't quick to give out compliments... Unless it's on their own appearance.

Thank you!

Licks and sniffs,