Monday, June 07, 2010

Sunday and Monday (kinda FD)

When I was out for my walk with Kero on Saturday, a man walked past and asked if I thought it would rain soon, "not today," I told him. "Tomorrow?" he asked. "Probably," I replied. And it did... In the early afternoon. It's been raining on and off since. Mostly it was light rain, but not too long ago it turned to heavy rain, and the wind got up, and the temperature dropped. I checked to make sure Gwydion had plenty of hay to snuggle in to when that happened. I think he thought I was going to bring him out of his cage, because he darted to the back of it, then turned back to face me as if to say, "I'm not coming out in that!" I told him I had no intension of bringing him out in that weather, so he stopped trying to back away, and came forward a bit to let me give him a quick rub on his back. Then I closed his door, and left him to make himself a snuggly nest of hay. Kero was upset that I went out to see Gwydion and didn't take him with me. Then he realised how heavy the rain was coming down, and decided that he wasn't actually all that interested in going outside after all. All of a sudden he was much more interested in his turkey teddy that goes, "gobble, gobble," than he was in me. I think both Kero and Gwydion think I'm nuts going out in that rain. And I know Kelly thinks so, because he told me so. But, hey, I had to check on Gwydion. Besides, it's only water. A lot of water, but still just water.


Sunday morning I:

Got up.
Got washed and dressed.
Had breakfast.
Made the tucks for when we went to club.
Washed the breakfast dishes.
Fed, cuddled, brushed, and gave fresh water to Gwydion.
Made sure all my stuff was packed to go to club.
Put the washing on.
Walked Kero.

Then Mam came, and took us to her place for dinner. There were two dinner sittings though, since Mam then had to go and fetch Wayne from the pick-up point where he'd been dropped off after the weekend with the cadets. Normally we'd have waited for him, but Mam has Jo's Natalie for a couple of weeks, so there were too many people to fit comfortably around the table at once anyway. It would have been possible, since we got eight of us around the table at Christmas, but it's not easy, so we decided it would be best for Nan, Dad, Kelly and I to just get on with having dinner, then Natalie, Mam and Wayne to have their dinner afterwards.

After both dinner sittings were over, Dad, Kelly and I went to club, and Mam fed Kero for me. We were at the club until gone 9:00 pm, so it was about 10:00 pm when we finally got home. I then checked on Gwydion, spoke to my brother about his game I'd tried out at club, and went to bed.

This morning I basically did chores, saw to the boys, and had a bath. Kelly went shopping while I was sorting the boys and housework, then Mam showed up while I was having lunch, and took Kero for his walk for me before we left.

I had a scan today, so spent my afternoon at the hospital. My letter hadn't shown up about the appointment, so they gave us one so we could go and claim back the petrol money. Mam went to do that while I sat and drank loads of water. Usually my bladder is nice and full, and I'm needing to pee every five minutes (or it feels like it). Not today though. Today, of course, my bladder wasn't anywhere near full. So, I had to go and drink loads of water to fill it up before they could do the scan. Anyway, the scan showed that everything seems to be fine in there. So, that's good news. At some point soon I should get an appointment through to go back to the Gynaecologist.

I got home from the hospital not long before the shopping arrived from Iceland, which Kelly was pleased about, since it meant I could keep Kero out of the way while he got it in, and then I could put the shopping away. When I'm here, I prefer to be the one who puts it away, because then I know where to find the items when I want them. Then we had dinner, watched Charmed, then I went around reading and replying to posts on the blogs I follow. Now I'm going to go and check posts on my Dad's forum.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe! :)


Intense Guy said...

Always good to hear good results from things like "scans". And don't you hate not being ready to umm.. do the "thing" in the sample cup!? Ugh... About every other time they surprise me with that.

Sounds like "the boys" are doing well (including Kelly)...


Toriz said...

It wasn't that I needed to provide a sample. They just need you to have a full bladder for certain female type scans.

AliceKay said...

I'm glad to hear the scan was okay. And yep, a full bladder is needed for some types of scans. I've been fortunate enough that I haven't had to have one of those. (i would have problems for sure keeping all that water in until afterwards)

Rain water is okay if there isn't any lightning along with it.

Toriz said...

Yeah, quite. Then I'm sure you can guess where I went straight away after the scan. ;)

MarmiteToasty said...

lets scare Iggy and tell him all the 'lady things' us girls have to go through lmfao


Toriz said...

Nah, he already has trouble sleeping. Poor guy would have nightmares at the very least. ;)

Rita said...

Glad the scan went well. Nothing worse than having a super full bladder and then them pushing on you with that scanner thing--if that's what they did. I remember hurrying to the bathroom afterwards--hehe!

Busy days, family, dinners, pets, walks--all sounds good! :):)

Toriz said...

Yep, that's basically what they did... And what I did. ;)