Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Terry Pratchett's Going Postal

"Terry Pratchett's Going Postal is a two-part television adaptation of the book of the same name by Terry Pratchett, produced by The Mob, which was first broadcast on Sky1, and in high definition on Sky1 HD, at the end of May 2010."

"The story follows Moist von Lipwig, who after years of undertaking confidence tricks on others finds himself caught by the guards and is sentenced to death under the alias of Albert Spangler. After a brief spell in prison he is hung by the neck, but not killed. He is brought before Patrician Havelock Vetinari who insists that he either becomes the new Postmaster or be executed by falling down a deep pit."

(Above taken from this page - Warning: link contains spoilers).

It was a reasonable attempt at producing the book in movie form, but I think it could have been better. For one thing, the acting seemed a bit flat, so that suspense wasn't built up enough in scenes when you really should have been on the edge of your seat, and wondering what would happen next. Mind you, I think I might have enjoyed it more had I not already read the book, since the lack of build up in moments of suspense weren't allowing me to forget about the book, and enjoy the movie. That meant I was constantly thinking, "yeah, that's right, and then that happens," (in reference to parts from the book) instead of actually getting in to the movie. However, if you iggnore that fact, then it was a good movie.


Intense Guy said...

Sounds like a most gruesome and convoluted plot! Sounds like the book should be an entertaining read... and hey! What's not to like about a name like "Moist von Lipwig"?

AliceKay said...

Sometimes when you read a book before watching a movie or TV show adapted from that book, you get a little disappointed with the outcome. Sounds like this is what happened in your case.

The plot sounds intriguing. I'd probably watch it.

*eyes Iggy* LOL

Toriz said...

If you like that, then you really should read the entire Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, because there are all sorts of similar happenings and names in it. Actually, I think you'd love the set. I think I posted a list of the series in order if you're interested. If I'm wrong and it's not among my blog archive, then look on the Fantastic Fiction website linked on my sidebar, because I know there's definately a list on there.

Yes, that's basically what happened with me. I think if I'd only seen the movie I would have enjoyed it more.

Rita said...

I laughed out loud at Moist Van Lipwig!! What a name! :)

I sometimes have that problem, too, when I have read the book ahead of time. Sounds like a strange storyline. I will look it up on Netflix and see if they have it. ;)

Toriz said...

OK, Rita. Let me know if you watch it, and if you enjoy it.

Rita said...

They only had a movie called "Hogfather" under his name.