Sunday, October 09, 2011

Get Off Your Broom: 1st week reviewed (FD)

OK, first of all, sorry this post is late; too much to catch up on yesterday (I'm still not completely done) and I just got too tired to write it. Anyway...

We're a little over a week in to the "Get Off Your Broom" challenge hosted by Serenity, and it's time to see how things are going. So... Let's see...

Considering the fact we're in the middle of moving, I don't think I've done too badly. But here are the good and bad points of my eating in this past week:

Bad: We've been living mostly on take-aways, because it's easier when trying to move (especially with most of what we own not due to arrive here at the new place until Tuesday).

Good: I have tried to make healthier choices and go with smaller portions than I usually would. An example would be the addition of salad to my veggie burger instead of having garlic bread with it, and opting for a pitta full of grilled veggies instead of chips and cheese when presented with the oppertunity to have either.

Bad: I did give in to the temptation to have a chocolate bar three times this past week, and a bag of crisps/potato chips once.

Good: It was only those few times - where as it used to be a daily thing, sometimes more than once a day - and the other time I was looking for something sweet to snack on I had an organic fruit yogurt (even though I was sending hubby to the shop for it, and he did offer me either chocolate or crisps, but I requested the yogurt).

Bad: I had a pastry from the French market.

Good: I considered said pastry to be my breakfast, and I only had one pastry (and not even an iced one), where as before I'd have probably had breakfast too, and would have brought another pastry for later. So having just one - especially when it was my breakfast - is a definate improvement. And the pastry wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't for the week of take-aways we were ending up having.

Bad: I've probably not been drinking nearly as much as I should, and definately haven't had much in the way of water, in fact I haven't had any plain water.

Good: I have been having more juice than fizzy drinks.

I think I've done quite well with exercise, but here are the good and bad points:

Bad: I haven't gotten in the "at least 10 minutes" I set myself of Yoga every morning.

Good: I did up until Wednesday, but didn't after that because the mat is at the old place, and I'm not doing it on carpet. Also, I did do some of the exercises you can do standing up, I just didn't do the whole "at least 10 minutes" I planned to do. Still, a couple of minutes every day is more than I was doing, so that's a great start.

Bad: I haven't gotten as many walks in with Kero as I'd planned to.

Good: The walks we have had have all been longer ones than usual, in fact one of them each day has been a very long one (we were walking for an hour on Friday, which was when I had the French pastry mentioned earlier in the post).

Weight and measurements:
I have no idea if there's been any change; my tape measure and scales are at the old place and don't arrive until Tuesday some time. I'm going to weigh when the scales are here, but wasn't going to worry about doing proper weight and measurements until Saturday.

New goals:
The goals I've set for this week are as follows:

* Start eating real food again.
* Get rid of the fizzy drinks all together.
* Increase amount I'm drinking.
* Once the Yoga mat is here, make sure to get the 10 minutes of Yoga in.
* Increase walks to 3 times a day (been doing 2).


Don't forget to check out the other people who are participating, and leave them some encouragement. I'll visit as many as I can, when I can, but - if you're participating - if I don't leave a comment on your blog, please know it's because I couldn't and that I'm supporting you 100% in your quest to become a healthier you!


Diandra said...

Moving is so tough, you can be pretty proud of yourself with sticking with your plans most of the time!

Rita said...

Hey! You're doing really well under the circumstances. You guys don't even have your things yet at the new place. I would think an hours walk could count as two. How long were your normal walks before? How does Kero like the ocean and the beach? Is he wanting to stop and smell the whole place--LOL! ;)

That corgi :) said...

I think you did great, considering it was a moving week for you, and you are still settling in. Once you can start preparing food again, that will help eating healthier for sure! You are definitely heading in the right direction in that you are trying to be aware of what you are eating, portion sizes, as well as knowing what you need to change, drinking more water, exercising a bit more! Good job!!!!


AliceKay said...

I think you're doing amazingly well considering the move and everything involved in that move. Good luck this coming week. :)


Magaly Guerrero said...

While moving I can barely keep my head on my shoulders, so I don't know if the mouth would get the best attention lol. The fact that you even remembered to think about this, is a huge accomplishment on my book ;-)

Toriz said...

Thank you; and thank you for stopping by and commenting! :)

My old walks were a little over 10 minutes, all on level ground. The new walks involve a slight hill on the way home, and the shortest takes just under 20 minutes. So, definately more walking time, and the hour long walk would count as 6 of our old walks (especially with the bit of hill coming home).

Thanks! :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks; that definately makes me feel good! :)

Deanna said...

You are off to a great start, Tori! How you've done this good while in the middle of a move is beyond me!

Toriz said...

Thanks Deanna! :)

Willow said...

The beginning is always the hardest on anything especailly eating healthy. Just remember it is not really bad to eat certain foods like chocolate. Just count them into your calories for the day and you will be alright.

Toriz said...

Thanks for visiting! :)

Yes, that's the principle I'm working on; chocolate isn't a no-no as long as it's not happening constantly and eating it is taken in to consideration. I don't believe in making myself go without any foods I want; that's the quickest way to encourage myself to eat the wrong things. My goal is healthier choices rather than dieting. :)

Intense Guy said...

I hope your "things" all got/get there today! I'm a bit behind in my blog reading.

Toriz said...

By the time you posted that, the things were here; just got to get them all unpacked and in their new places (which we're doing as quickly as we can).