Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hastings Week 2011

I got this bit of text from the internet about Hastings week: "14th October (now Hastings Day) was the date in 1066 when King Harold lost the Battle of Hastings. William Duke of Normandy, who was using Hastings as his base, then claimed the crown and changed the way England was governed forever. He also gave us the English language. In 1966 the 900th anniversary was celebrated and it was such a success that Hastings Borough Council decided to mark the date every year as Hastings Day. For a time it was just a day of activities but it has grown over the years to become a week-long celebration of art, music, sport, events, and exhibitions." The text came from I went to try to get photos of the fireworks that happened on the 15th for Tori but did not get them. I did get some photos though. And here they are. This first photo is some florescent tubes in a stall near to where the fireworks were. I just thought they looked cool. And these are photos of the procession with torches (they had real flaming torches) that were walking through the town near to the ocean where the firework display was. They were carrying some guy in a big hat but I do not know for sure why. Tori thinks she saw somewhere when she was looking online for when the fireworks would be that he was winner of the re-enactment of the battle that they did up at the place called Battle (which is where the actual battle for the battle of Hastings happened) but we don't know for sure if that is true or not. Those are all the photos that I was able to get. Sorry. Kelly

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