Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moving - part 4: in town (LBE & FD)

Continuing from yesterday...

First, a couple of photos that should have been in part 2, but didn't make it because I needed to ask Kelly about them:

This photo of the sunrise was taken not far from our new place; just before you get on to the road that takes you in to the town, I think. I have no idea when it was taken though... I'm guessing when Kelly took the camera with him to get the shots that you'll see later on in this post. Anyway... Here's the photo:

And this we think is some kind of old fashioned clock tower. It kind of looks like a cross between a church and a clock tower, but it's not big enough to be a church. Anyway, it's up the road from us, and Kelly thought it was cool so grabbed a photo of it. And here's the photo:


During our trips up town Kelly mentioned that a few of the shops are nicely decorated for Halloween/Samhain. So I asked him to grab some photos for me to share.

These first couple are of the decorations in the window of the fruit and veg shop...

Spooky cobwebs:


An old fashioned weight scale covered with cobwebs:

And these are from the window of the hairdressers...

A cobweb covered skeleton:

Apparently you can see Kelly's reflection in the window in the above photo, and the reflection of a church. It's no ordinary church though; it's been converted in to flats (apartments) by the look of it. I bet those people have no trouble finding their way home... LOL!

Pumpkins and gourds in the hairdresser window:

During another trip up town we visited a shop that we went to just for Kero; the shop where we got those calming dog treats I mentioned in the post I did early Sunday morning. It's called "The Dog Biscuits," and here it is:

I just love their sign:

("Dogs welcome, but must be accompanied by well behaved owners").

Kero made friends with the owners as well as their cattle dog, Jenna.

(Sorry, no Jenna photos).

We got him those calming treats I already mentioned; they're called "Calm Dog"... Rather appropriately. We also got him some dental bones called "Fab Fangs."

And we got him the red and green tartan bandanna he's wearing in this photo:

You should see him after we give him the calming treats; it's really funny!

They take 15 minutes to get in to their system, and we can tell when the 15 minutes are up; he goes from hyper hound to dopey dog. When we give him the treat he throws it around and plays with it before eating it. By the time the 15 minutes are up there's no way he'd be up for doing that; it's all he can do to keep his eyes open to watch where we are. He had more energy after the exhausting journey from the old place to here than he has after one of those treats... So, I guess they work well. LOL!


There's a Frenchh market stall in town every Friday (which is where I've been getting my French pastries). They do fantastic food, and their prices aren't too bad.

There's also a craft market there on a Saturday, but we haven't had an oppertunity to go and have a look yet; too busy doing other things. I do plan to go and check it out soon though, and I'm sure I'll tell you about it when I do. :)

Actually, there are LOADS of places we want to check out; there's a lot to do around here, and we plan on doing as much of it as possible!

And Kero doesn't mind... The more we're outside, the more he gets to be outside. ;)

Right... Well, that's it for today; come back tomorrow for the final part.


AliceKay said...

I sure am loving these pictures. :)

The stores are nicely decorated for the upcoming holiday. One question, tho...what is a Cox?

That's a cute little store for dogs. Cute name, too. Sounds like those calming treats help calm Kero when needed.

You are living in such a beautiful, unique area, and seeing all of these sights I would never see in my lifetime is fun for me. Keep 'em coming, Kelly. :)

Toriz said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the photos! :)

I think - if you saw the word where I'm guessing you did... In one of the photos from the fruit and veg shop - that it's a type of apple. I know there is a type of apple called "Cox" and that would be my best guess considering the contents of this post.

The Coexist Cafe said...

Yup, it's a kind of apple. :) They're common in England (I've never seen them here, FWIW!), and they're apparently amazing for desserts like apple pies and so forth. They come from the orange pippin tree.

Anyway, [/random knowledge]! :)

I am LOVING their decorations around the town! It's gotta feel like a real quaint city that you're living in.

Furry Bottoms said...

Yeah, it looks like such a nice place to live! So many sights, the sea, the quaint little town.

I haven't heard of that calming treat. I wonder if they have the equivalent of that here in USA. I wonder if that would work with my dogs on new year's eve and the 4th of july. I'll have to check into that!

Toriz said...

Thought so, but thanks for confirming that it was apples. :)

It's just right for me; close to town, but far enough away from the bigger towns and cities that you aren't constantly dodging traffic, and aren't kept up at night by city noises. I mean, right now I'm listening to seagulls while sitting in my living room! :)

Yes, it's a lovely place! :)

I hope you can find the treats over there; I'm sure they'd help Freddy!

Rita said...

Seems like just a lovely, charming little town filled with places to visit--and even a store for Kero!! He looked so cute in his bandana. After being such a good boy on the trip and then not chasing the seagulls and being excited abut the new place and all his walkies--he deserved a bit of treats.

This is so much fun seeing pictures of the town and the beach. That tower now belongs to some kind of apartments? Cool! I'll be waiting for more. :):)

Toriz said...

Yes, we thought he deserved treats too! :)

And I'm glad you're enjoying the photos so much! :)

That corgi :) said...

I like that clock tower! It looks really cool! Always glad to hear when there is a store that caters to pets and allows the pets into the store with their well behaved owners! Koda's favorite adventures are to the stores here called Pet Smart and PetCo.

It does seem like there is lots to do at your new home! Always fun to explore and discover new things! Enjoy!


ChicagoLady said...

I'm really enjoying the photos of your new little town. How delightful to have all these new places to investigate, and for Kero to have one for him too! Just make sure you stay well-behaved while there, lol.

Intense Guy said...

I really like that photo of the gourds in the hair dresser's window. It is so nicely composed - it's classic art.

Having looked on the Internet to see how your new place fits in with the sights you and Kelly are photographing, I'm getting lost in all the history! Saint Leonard by the Sea is a fascinating place -

Hey, now I got to figure out who St. Leonard is! Something tells me he's a patron saint of sailors or something.

Toriz said...

There are some other pet places that allow dogs to come in, but we didn't live near any of them. Pets @ Home lets dogs in, but their shops are usually in the bigger towns and cities, so they're hard to get to. Also you don't get the friendly service you do with smaller places.

Glad you're enjoying all the photos.

I'll do my best to be a well behaved owner! ;)

Glad you like the photo; and thank you again for sorting the photos for me! *Hugs*

Yes; there's a lot of history here, and a lot to see and do! And we've only photographed things immediately by our home so far... Just wait until we go exploring! ;)

Serena said...

I wonder what's in those calming treats? Kero looks so cute in his bandanna! I laughed at The Dog Biscuits welcome sign. I hope you were well-behaved, Tori. lol

I enjoyed the pics from around your town.

It sounds like you live in such a lovely place with so much to enjoy.

Toriz said...

I know they have camomile and ginger in them, because they told me that much at the shop; not sure beyond that though, since they obviously weren't about to give me the whole recipe. ;)

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Yes, it seems like a nice place here, and there's definately plenty to do!