Monday, October 03, 2011

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly places (FD)

You may remember me mentioning - several times - in the past that sometimes it's difficult to find food when you want to eat out and are vegetarian? Well, I don't intend eating out much any more (as part of the "Get Offf Your Broom" challenge I'm going to be eating more home cooked meals and less take-aways and meals out, but you can read more about that in the post I did about the challenge on Saturday). But, anyway...

I did a search on HappyCow.Net - after Stephanie posted the link on her blog a little while ago - for Vegetarian (and Vegan) friendly places to eat at in Hastings - as well as in the exact area we're moving to. And this is what I came up with:

"Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Non-veg. Serves meat, veg options available. Will cater for special diets and always has vegetarian and vegan options, vegan cake, soya smooties, vegan cheese pizza."

The Hot Potato
"Take-out only, Fast food, English, Non-veg. Serves meat, veg options available. Take away baked potato stall. Topping include vegetarian chili & vegetarian bolognaise (both vegan), vegan margarine, baked beans, salad."

White Rock Hotel
"Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Ovo, Non-veg. Serves meat, veg options available. Restaurant is part of the hotel and is open to the public. Will serve vegan breakfast upon request, and soya milk is available for drinks and cereal. Tea and coffee served is fair trade."

Judges Bakery
"Organic bakery and wholefood store."

Trinity Wholefoods
"Member-owned all vegetarian and cooperative shop. Fresh organic vegetables and fruits delivered twice weekly and local organic produce delivered through spring, summer, and autumn. Organic wine and bread delivered fresh daily. Cruelty free toiletries and cleaning products. Has vegan, gluten free, wheat free savories and cakes available from take-away counter."

BayTree House
"Family-run vegan bed and breakfast."

"Choice of over 150 ingredients that can be blended into combinations of milkshakes. Hemp milk, organic soya milk with organic soya ice cream are available as a base for 40+ vegan options which are clearly marked on the menu."

"Serves meat veg options available. Clearly labeled vegetarian vegan menu options. Daily specials. Separate lunch & dinner menus. Uses seasonal fresh vegetable. Has vegan tapas such as flavored salads, spinach rolled in Armenian bread, bozbash Armenian stew served in a clay pot (potatoes, rice, carrots, courgettes, aubergine & onion), mushroom & spinach or lentil Russian blinis, imam bayeldi, various rice & salad dishes, Armenian omelet, bakhlava & dessert blinis. Armenian coffee served."

Gurka Chef
"Serves meat veg options available. Indian and Napalese food. A vegan menu is available on request."

Gurkha Palace
"Serves meat veg options available. A separate vegan menu available. Various set lunch deals and banquet menus with vegan substitutions from the vegan menu permitted. Veg include Nepalese momo (steamed vegan dumplings filled with vegetable and served with chutney), aloo chops (potato and herb cakes, Indian & Tibetan curries, assorted vegetable dishes, rices, noodles & breads."

Also, according to Just Eat there's a place called "Best Kebab Ye" which appears to have a decent selection of items on the menu that are suitable for vegetarians, including vegetarian Kebabs, veggie burgers, humus, dolma (stuffed vine leaves with rice oil and onions), cacik (yogurt dip with cucumber, mint and garlic), mixed salad, and humus and salad in pitta bread. Actually, all the places featured on Just Eat have some kind of vegetarian option, but this place has the best selection of vegetarian items I've seen in a kebab and pizza place in this country before... Ever!

Not a bad selection of places, I think. :)


Rita said...

Wow! Sounds like you'll have a lot more places to pick from and a wide variety of types of restaurants, too! Whoohoo! Nice! :)

Toriz said...

*Nods at Rita* Absolutely; it will make a nice change!

AliceKay said...

Yeah, it looks like you have a lot of choices there. Great news!

That corgi :) said...

That is quite a selection!! I'm trying to think if we have any vegetarian restaurants here; none come to mind; I'll have to look into what options are available here. My son used to work for a vegetarian cafe; loved their food!

hope all is going well with the moving!


Intense Guy said...

150 different milkshake ingredents! I wonder how many flavors you can make with that!

Deanna said...

That is quite a selection of place where you can go when you do decide to eat out. You've made me hungry for a baked potato.....

Toriz said...

Yes, very good news! :)

Thanks. Yeah, vegetarian options are often quite limited, so I'm not surprised none come to mind right away.

Well, I'm guessing it's over 100! ;)

Well, at least it's only a baked potato I made you hungry for! LOL! :)