Saturday, October 29, 2011

Witchy Tea Party 2011: Part 1

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When I found out that Anna was hosting a Witchy Tea Party this Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows Eve (whichever you would prefer to call it) my first thought was of Chance. Chance was a special cat who I loved dearly, and miss very much. But, as much as I miss him, Chance can wait a bit; come back tomorrow to read more on him.

The topic of this post is Zack. "And who is Zack?" I hear you ask. Zack is a very special young man who left this world just a couple of months ago. I knew Zack as a youngster; he was an adorable little boy who always seemed to be happy. I knew him because I knew his Mother. Zack was the 5th born child of 6 children; 3 boys (Zack being the youngest) and 3 girls. I lost touch with the family during the time I've been married, but recently found them again. I wish it had been under happier circumstances, but it was not. Anyway, I wanted to take the time to celebrate a young man who was much loved by many, and who is dearly missed, so I asked Carrieann (his Mother) if it would be OK, and for a bit more information on the teenage Zack, since it had been so long since I saw him. And here's what she had to say: "He was famous for wearing his beanie hat, always smiling...... his smile could light the world on a cloudy day,randomly hugging people, making people laugh, playing his guitar and X box, and caring for his little sister. He was a lovely boy who was always happy during his 15 yrs here on earth."

She also said that if anyone should receive a message from him then she's happy to take it, so if you should, please pass it on and I will tell her. Also, she has a message for him: "Tell him I love him loads & I miss him everyday."

We could all learn a lot from Zack; live each day to the fullest while you have the oppertunity to do so, make someone's day by giving them a hug, and keep on smiling!

Rest in peace Zack, and know you are missed. Yes, the world is missing a remarkable young man, and the Summerlands have gained a beautiful soul!


Don't forget to come back for part 2 tomorrow. In the meantime, click on the button below to see who else is invited to the party and visit them:

Frosted Petunias

Thank you to Anna for hosting this tea party.
And, perhaps most importantly, thank you to Carrieann for helping me with the information for this post, and for allowing me to share Zack with the world.


Finally, a note to all other party guests: If you want me to comment on your blog, please remove the word verification thing. I can't work it due to the fact that it's hard enough to work when you can see, and next to impossible when you can't (the listen and type thing never works). And it's not fair to bug someone every time I want to leave a comment. So, if you have the word verification thing then I will be visiting, but will be unable to comment. If you decide to keep word verification on your blog, that's fine; your blog, your choice. I'm just saying that people like me can't comment on your blog with that on, so if I seem to only be commenting on a couple of blogs, that's why; you'll notice a lack of word verification on the blogs I comment on. I don't want to be difficult; like I said, your blog, your choice. I'm just posting this for your information, and because I don't want you to just think I'm ignoring you or whatever, because I wouldn't do that... I plan to visit everyone on the list, and comment where possible!


That corgi :) said...

So sorry about the passing of this young man; I am sure his family will always grieve his loss. He seemed like a nice young man, thanks for sharing Zack with us, Tori.


Rita said...

Sorry to hear about Zack.
Maybe you could ask one of the other participants to comment on the other people's blogs for you about taking off the word verification, since you can't. ??

Magaly Guerrero said...

I bet Zack is smiling wherever his soul chose to go. It seems that he had an amazing mother and friends who valued his goodness. May the Old Ones keep him smiling forever, especially in the hearts of those he left behind.

And I second your notion on word verification!

Lisa said...

My thoughts and love to Zack's family.

AliceKay said...

Rest in peace, Zach. He sounded like a wonderful young man who gave so much joy and happiness to those around him.

Susan said...

RIP Zack! so sad, sop young a life! many lost souls to us.

Deanna said...

So young to leave this world! May Zack rest in peace.

Toriz said...

Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on this post!

Willow said...

It is always sad to lose someone, but when it is a young one it seems more sad because they really didn't have time to really live. You are right we should treasure every minute of every day. I send prayers out to Zacks family.

Toriz said...

Thank you Willow!

Celia said...

Lovely story.....I'm sure that Zack is watching over everyone he loves and left in this world.

Toriz said...

Thank you for your comment; yes, I'm sure he is!