Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My trip to Norwich: the final installment

So... Who's Donald?

If you've read the previous post then that's the question you're probably asking yourself right now, right? I thought so... LOL! OK, I'll tell you. In fact, my Dad took a photo of Donald so I could show you.

Yes, that's right... Donald is a wooden carving of a swan.
"Donald" was carved on the side of the "house" we're stood in the entrance of in the last few photos in the last post. I think it was a sort of bird watching hut. Anyway, my Mam left me investigating the carving while she was talking to Dad. Kelly thinks she left me with it too long, because by the time she came to grab me for us to move on I'd named it... Er... Sorry.... I'd named "him"... LOL!
I have no idea why I called him Donald. It just seemed like a good name for him.
When Mam came to get me I just said, "Bye Donald." None of us know why. Mam pointed out that he's a swan not a duck, so I told her that, "I don't see why a swan can't be called Donald." She agreed that there wasn't a valid reason not to call him Donald, so he became "Donald the swan" from that moment.
I asked Dad to take a photo of my new friend so I could show him to you all. :)
After we'd been to the gardens we went back to the hotel for the evening. Mam, Nan and I were going to go out for dinner, but I fell asleep and they couldn't wake me up. I think it was partly due to the fact I had one heck of a headache so - not knowing we were going anywhere, and assuming we were sticking to our rooms and having an early night - I took a couple of strong pain killers. Of course, they wore off almost two hours later (by which time Mam and Nan had given up on the idea of taking me to dinner and gone to get stuff to bring back for us to eat in the hotel) so I then woke up to find a couple of McDonalds' cheeseburgers waiting for me to eat them. Mam did offer me some of the Chinese food she'd brought, but I didn't really fancy it at the time (could go for some Chinese food right about now though, lol).
Monday morning Mam and I were meant to go and have some waffles at the waffle house. We don't have one near us and I haven't had a "proper" waffle in ages. Haven't even had ones made for me by Kelly since before we moved in here. And the last time I had one at a waffle house was when I was in Canada (so about five years ago). Unfortunately the place didn't open until 10:00 am and we had to be at the hotel making sure we'd packed everything and seeing about leaving then (we had to be out by 11:00 am at the latest). So Mam and I went to McDonalds for breakfast instead. I had pancakes and Mam had some kind of McMuffin thingy. It worked out cheaper than the waffles would have been, but I was still kind of disappointed.
After breakfast we went and got some Cornish pasties and drinks for the journey home. Then we went back to the hotel to help Nan and Dad finish up packing everything in to the car.
I was going to get a photo or two of the hotel we stayed at, but I forgot to ask Mam to take them for me until it was too late. It was called "The Beeches Hotel And Victoria Gardens" and was a nice place. Mam's got a card with their number on for if we want to go again.
We stopped at Carl and Rachel's place before going home. We were meant to only be dropping off a fan Mam and Dad had borrowed from them and picking up the two books I'd let Carl hang on to over the weekend in case by some miracle he had time to look them over. He didn't, but that's no big deal. I didn't expect him to have the time, and he can always look at them some other time.
Anyway... We ended up staying at Carl and Rachel's place for more than an hour, so rather than setting off around 11:00 am as we'd planned, it was very nearly noon. And I think it was about 7:45 pm when I got home.
Kero was VERY pleased to see me. Kelly was obviously watching for me, because by the time I was getting out of the car Kero was trying - and failing - to jump the garden wall to get to me. All the time yapping excitedly. It's a low wall, but he doesn't have the spring in his back legs to jump it. I can't say I mind this. LOL! And when he managed to get to me... Well... As my Grandma puts it, he "nearly ate me up." His little tail was wagging like mad and he smothered me with kisses. I think it was a good five minutes before I could calm him down enough to even get my shoes off. Bless him!
Kelly says he missed me that much too, but I have to admit I'm glad he didn't throw himself at me like Kero did. He is, after all, a fair bit bigger and heavier than Kero is. LOL! :)
I hardly got any reading done over the weekend. I'd hoped to have at least finished reading "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" but since I didn't get much of it read on the way there, that was one of the ones I left with Carl, and I didn't read much on the way home... Well, you get the picture. All I've read is about 1/4 of "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" (if that) and maybe 1/4 of the first volume of another book that I took with me (not the Quidditch one, another one, but I don't remember the title at this moment).


Kaylee said...

Ummm, is it me or is the picture missing?

Tori_z said...

I accidentally hit "publish" before adding the picture. So judging by the time you did your comment you spotted the post during the brief time it was published before I had time to save it to draft and then go back in to work on it.

The picture should be there now.

Intense Guy said...

Its a good picture too! I'm not, I repeat, NOT going to ask how you determined that Donald the Swan was a "boy" swan. No, you will not hear me asking that, not now, not tomorrow, ummm but maybe next week. :)

I got bit smile reading about Kero's antics! You know you are a dog special person when after a time apart (sometimes as short as an hour) they go bananas in joy when they greet you.

And yeah, I don't think Kelly doing the same greeting would have been too dignified, but it would have been something for others to see. :)

LadyStyx said...

*Looks @ iggy...answers and then backspaces*
Nope...not gonna go there.

Katy did the same Kero did. I thought she was going to break herself in half when we picked her up from the "spa". We'd only left her there for the weekend too. She gets really excited when he comes home from work but nothing like this time. I fully suspect that it's because it was a new place to her (first time we've boarded her since we got to Virginia).

Tori_z said...

LMAO @ Iggy.

Actually, I have no idea why or how I determined that Donald was in fact a Donald and not a Donna. Maybe he told me? *Shrugs*

So... She missed you a bit then? LOL!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well tori you always amaze me with your wonderfull imagination.

and yep " donald" is a lovely carving and i can see why you took to him on the spot,lol.

and yes as i say its lovely to be " nearly eaten " by jayde when i came home as you were with kero.

(smiles) to myself thinking about how kelly would have gone about greeting you like kero " no " like intense guy says it really wouldnt have been dignified.

Tori_z said...

Not to mention... Kelly greeting me like that would have been murder on my back! LOL!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

lmao,yep i recon it would have done some damage to your back if kelly greeted you like kero did, :).