Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The gardens: Part 2

OK, here are the rest of the photos of us that were taken in the gardens.

Firstly, a photo Dad took of me and Mam when we were sitting waiting for him and Nan to catch up to us.

The gardens were more interesting to Dad and Nan than to us really. For me it was because apart from the odd thing Mam could read to me, the odd carved thing I could examine and the odd whiff of a nice smelling plant or flower the garden didn't offer much. For Mam it was because she's not a big fan of places like this anyway (we went mostly so Nan and Dad would go, because they wouldn't go if we didn't). It's not that Mam doesn't like flowers, it's just that after a little look to see if they look nice and a quick whiff of the scent, that's enough for her. I used to enjoy places like this, but since I can't see the flowers any more it's difficult to properly appreciate them.

This arch was one of the "carved things" available for me to investigate. Apparently it was made of recycled stones. Actually, most of the garden is meant to be recycled things... Recycled quite a while ago though.

I'd have liked to be able to give you more info with the photos, but I was only half listening to Mam reading the signs that were up so I don't remember what they said. Sorry. Maybe I'll see if I can find some info for you and post it on my blog at a later date?


Here are some photos of us by what Mam and I have nicknamed "Donald's house"... LOL! I'll explain why in the next post when I post a photo of Donald.



Kaylee said...

Lordy, I cant comment fast enough for you today and its 2 am here but, I love youtr blog so couldnt wait to coomment anyway. I can see why it was boring for you but I love the garden pics!

Tori_z said...

LOL and thanks. :)

Intense Guy said...

Donald's house is a really intriguing wooden hut. The sign on the door says something about a chapel and a "flower service", but its hard to tell what it says or means.

I can understand what you mean about this not being a place you would chose to go to - but I admire your going so others could enjoy. :)

LadyStyx said...

Looks like a pretty place to visit. Im much like your Mam though and would sniff and click my way through it. Im more of an Aquarium and Zoo gal.

That building is really cute. I love the engravings on it.

Tori_z said...

I'll have to see if I can find some info on the place for you. :)

*Shrugs* Couldn't have Nan and Dad miss out just because of me, could I?

I've always loved zoos... Haven't been to one in ages though. Wanna take me some time soon? :)