Sunday, August 24, 2008

The weekend (LBE & FD)

First of all...

It was Kelly's cousin Holly's birthday yesterday, and since I didn't post and say, "happy birthday," yesterday, I thought I'd do it today. Hope it was a good birthday, Holly. :)


Most days have been wet and cold with little or no sign of sunshine lately. But today (Sunday) was dry, warmish and kinda sunny... Well, until about 12:30 pm anyway. But that was long enough for Kelly to decide that today was a good day for all of us (meaning Kelly, Kero and I) to go for a nice, long walk together. We don't often all go... And since my op it's been Kelly who's taken Kero for walks on his own (despite Kero being my dog). That meant Kero didn't have very long walks, since he will only go a short distance from home if he knows I'm not joining them on the walk. But we agreed that it was about time I started going with them again.

It was a lovely walk. Kero and I definately enjoyed it anyway... Especially Kero. LOL! I can't speak for Kelly, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it too.

We did take the camera with us with the intention of getting a few photos to post on here (Kelly was going to take a few photos for me). Unfortunately I had forgotten to charge the camera's batteries after our trip to Norwich. And the other set weren't charged either. Oops! Oh, well... Maybe next time we'll have better luck?


I've learned recently just how much help light perseption can be, and how much you miss it when you no longer have it. This issue has put me back a few steps with certain things I had learned to do before my op. One of these was walking without holding someone's arm. It's difficult to learn to place your trust in a stick. At first it wasn't too bad because the light perseption allowed me to know there was "something" there. But when I lost that, I lost a great deal of my confidence. I never realised before how useful that ability was. Nor - to be honest - that I had it.

Today was the first day since the op that I allowed myself to place my trust in the cane and walk unaided.

Now that I have overcome majority of the emotional hurdles I needed to overcome, I knew it was time to work on overcoming the physical ones. And since the place where we walk Kero is a safe path where there is no danger of straying accidentally in to a road (there's road access, but you'd know if you were going on to the road even without seeing) it seemed like a perfect oppertunity to begin.


Another thing I'd been putting off was cooking. The only meals I've cooked in the past year have either been microwavable meals (TV dinner type meals that you just stick in the microwave for a certain amount of time then eat them) or with someone's help. The closest to solo cooking I'd come (excluding microwave meals) was when Carl came to visit at the end of May and we made hot dogs and noodles and baked some cakes. I say that's the closest because - although Carl was checking on everything after each step - I was the one performing each step. But still I had help.

So yesterday (Saturday) I decided I'd let that go on for long enough. And I cooked dinner by myself for the first time in about a year. OK, it was nothing fancy - just fish fingers, chips and beans - but it involved using the oven rather than just shoving stuff in the microwave, and it was done without anyone looking over my shoulder so to speak.


Speaking of Carl...

Carl and Rachel are back from their honeymoon (which I'm told they really enjoyed). We got a postcard from them telling us about some of the animals they'd seen before they actually went on the safari. Like the baboon who tried to steal Carl's breakfast then his pint. LOL! And the lizard that licked him. I'm sure it said something tried to eat his watch too...

Sounds like they were having fun. LOL!


OK... Back to today...

My Mam came down to cook some scotch eggs. The easiest way to cook them involves using a chipper (deep fat fryer) and they don't have one, but we do. So Mam and Dad came to visit for a couple of hours so Mam could borrow my chipper to make the scotch eggs.

They are very good! I know because I managed to persuade her to let me have a couple. LOL! I much rather have homemade scotch eggs rather than shop brought ones, and since Mam's never made them before (she's always had someone else do it for her) I haven't had a good scotch egg in quite some time!


She needed to make them for tomorrow. We're going on a picnic tomorrow. Actually, it's more than just a picnic. We're going to meet some people. But I'll tell you about that tomorrow when it's over.

I'm charging my camera's batteries (both sets, lol) so I "might" have some photos to share from it too... Providing I can get a volunteer photographer. LOL! ;)


I watched "Ella Enchanted" on Friday. I don't think I'd ever seen it all the way through before. Anyway, it's about a girl called "Ella" who was given the gift of obedience by a fairy when she was a baby, and has had to do as she was told ever since, regardless of whether she wants to or not. Apart from being annoying it never caused a real problem, until her step-sister found out about it. That's when the trouble started. Now Ella's on a quest to find the fairy who gave her the gift and get her to take it back. I thought it was a pretty good movie... Quite funny in parts too!


My headphones aren't working properly... I'm thinking maybe almost a year of being used pretty much every day has made it's mark on them. LOL! Anyway, I keep losing sound in one ear piece, and they keep making a bit of a buzzing sound from time to time. The sound quality in the other ear piece isn't exactly great any more either.

I've unplugged them at the moment and am using the laptop's own speakers, but they aren't the greatest. Besides, I prefer to use Jaws through the headphones so I can concentrate on what it's saying without other noises interupting it. Not to mention the fact I started using headphones in the first place because it was annoying having certain people asking "what did it say?" or "did it say what I think it said?"

So I guess I need a new pair of headphones ASAP!


I haven't gotten much reading done, since it seems like every time I pick up a book to start reading I get interupted either by the phone (home phone or mobile) or by something else.

It also doesn't help that Kero has decided that two things have to happen when I pick up a book.

1). He has to investigate the book (I think he's trying to figure out the raised dots on it... LOL!)

2). He has to go outside for a pee, but - even if the door is wide open - needs a human escort... And guess who he wants. Yep... ME! Kelly could even be out there doing something, but he still wants his Mami. Still, it's nice to be wanted, I suppose. LOL!


For anyone interested...

Remember the PJs I got the other day? Well the bottoms (despite being labeled as the same size) aren't the same size as each other. I tried on the hippo ones and assumed all would fit because the hippos did. Nop! The other three pairs were too small. Luckily though, Mam had had a simular thing happen only with them being too big for her. And, even more luckily, I wear a slightly bigger size than my Mam. So we did a swap.

I've now put the hippo bottoms to go with my Westie top, because Mam had a pair of green bottoms that we both agreed would be even better than the hippos to go with the frog top. The other tops were: A pink one with clouds and words like "sweet" "cute" etc all over it, and a white one with cupcakes (or is it one cupcake? I don't remember) on it. As it turned out Mam had a pair of pink bottoms with hearts all over them and a pair of white bottoms with a bit of pink around the waist, both of which were too big for her but fit me. I'm sure you can figure out which tops we put them with.


OK... On that note... I think that's enough from me for one day. So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



LadyStyx said...

*munches on a ricecake while reading*

Happy belated birthday Holly!

*looks up "scotch eggs"* Damn, they look yummy!
*takes another bite of bland nasty rice cake*

I wonder if it's not possible that you blew a speaker in the headphones. I was prone to doing that with mine as a kid. My brother found a cheap fix though. When the speaker gets blown, it' generally a wire that needs retacking inside. My brother would just pop it open...tack the wire back down and they worked good as new. May want to have Kelly take a look and see if that'll work for you.

Tori_z said...

I think that could be the problem. The thing is though that I think the loose wire is down near the volume control rather than up beside the ear piece (it has a wire going to each ear piece from the volume control) and I don't think it would be all that easy to "pop them open" at that point. Also, they are a cheap pair anyway. I just grabbed a cheap pair when I got Jaws last year intending to get myself a better pair after Christmas and the new year was over... But I never did. So I owe myself a good pair of headphones anyway. LOL!

Intense Guy said...

Given how important those ears are - you should give them the treat of the best headphones you can get them. :)

When I was younger I was always getting a wire broken in my headphones - I'd lay on them or pull on them while wearing them - and they would work when the wire was pressed together and then crackle if I moved and caused the broken wire to part -

Those scotch eggs sound different. I just done walking so I've built up quite an appetite!

I'm glad Kero is out walking with you and happier still you are regaining your confidence. *Hugs*

Tori_z said...

Thanks... :)

I agree about the headphones. *wink*

Do you guys not have scotch eggs over there then? *looks shocked*

I think it might be a little while before I'm walking in to town on my own again... But I'm getting there. :)

AliceKay said...

I've never hard of scotch eggs until today. LOL

Good to hear you're out there doing things again. I can't begin to imagine the adjustments you've had to make lately. Keep up the good work. *hugs*

LadyStyx said...

No, never heard of them until this entry. Only hard boiled egg type dish I've heard of is deviled eggs.

Tori_z said...

That's weird... Oh well, there are things I'd never heard of until I went to Canada, so I suppose I shouldn't be too shocked. ;)

Thanks AK. :)