Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Weekend + 2 book reviews (Warning: FD)

I finished listening to "The Day Of The Storm" by "Rosamunde Pilcher" on Friday. It was about a young woman who has never known any of her family other than her mother (who she hasn't heard from in some time). Then she gets a letter saying her mother is ill and to come to her. When doing this she finds out - for the first time - about her mother's family, and decides to go in search of them. And in doing so she finds more than she was looking for. It was a good story... Although the ending was sort of predictable. Well, part of it was anyway. Still, anyone who enjoys a story with a bit of a romantic feel to it without getting too mushy, would thoroughly enjoy the book.


My Mam was here for the weekend. We were going to watch "The Water Horse" but I think she wants to finish watching the Full House DVDs first really, so I told her to do that and said I would just watch the movie through the week some time. So that's what she did. I've seen all of the Full House DVDs now, but luckily I enjoy them so much that I didn't mind watching them again with Mam.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had a peppered steak thing in a roll for lunch, and we had a bit of ginger cake and some "weight Watchers" carrot cake to pick at through the afternoon too (didn't last long though, lol!) Then we had some duck spring rolls and curly fries for dinner. Needless to say, we enjoyed the lot of it! :)

We had a house full for dinner again today. Mam cooked a roast chicken dinner for me, Dad, Nan, Wayne and Kelly (Kero and Willow got some chicken too). Mam herself had some kind of low fat steaklet thing with vegetables though. I think she was feeling guilty about the cakes and stuff yesterday and wanted to make up for it. ;)

They all went home pretty much straight after dinner, so I spent most of this afternoon finishing up reading the book I've been refering to as "the vet book" and catching up on posts on people's blogs.

The book is actually called "James Herriot's Yorkshire Stories" and is written by "James Herriot" himself. It contains several short stories about things that happened to James (AKA "Jim") during his time as a vet in Yorkshire, and is - in my opinion - a very good read... Especially for people who enjoy reading about animals and vetenary work. Although... It may be a little too graphic for some in parts of some stories when he's examining some of the animals. Anyway... There is a TV series (or was) that goes along with it. I don't remember if the book or the TV series was made first though. I never really watched the TV series... No real reason why, I just didn't... So I can't say how good that was, but the book was good.

It's actually taken me almost 10 years to read that book. Not literally to read it... Just to get around to sitting down and reading the whole thing. You see it was brought for me for Christmas almost 10 years ago by Maggie (a "support assistant" from school) and for one reason or another I never finished reading it. I started it loads of times, but then it would get packed away to move and I'd forget I was reading it and start reading something else. Or I'd decide I felt more like reading something else so put it away with the intension of getting it back out to read when I was done with the book I'd put it away because of, only I'd forget I'd planned on reading it and read something else afterwards instead (if that makes sense). But I've finally read it! YAY ME! LOL! :)


Enjoy whatever's left of your day... And... I hope you and your family and/or friends are happy and healthy. :)



Kaylee said...

Tori- Being a vegetarian i dont normally eat steak but, I had it the other night(just to be polte was, at someones house) and it tasted good! NO, I ope you are doing well i am now in the hospital but, I am doing okay. I am happy but, healthy ummm, not so much! but, I will get there :)

Those stories sound very interesting might have to aadd them to my book list:)

LadyStyx said...

I read one of the James Herriot books a long time ago. Really enjoyed it. I cant for the life of me remember what the title was....

Intense Guy said...

I remember reading "All Things Bright and Beautiful" by James Herriot. I think Public Television carried the show for a while here. I don't recall much of the TV show, except the scenary was breath-taking. The book was a little bit graphic, as he tended pregnant animals that were in distress. Its still a great story though.

LadyStyx said...

That's the book iggy, thanks.

Tori_z said...

That's the spirit... Think positive! :)

And... I'm fine, thanks. :)

Iggy & Styxie:
I have a vague recolection of that series being on TV, but that's as far as it goes with me too. It's possible the book is the same one since they have a nasty habit of slightly changing titles on braille books. Iggy's description certainly sounds about right. LOL! ;)

Kati said...

Yeah for finishing your James Herriot book! I've heard a lot of good things about his recountings from his many years as a vet, but I've never read any of his books or seen the TV shows.

I hope you enjoy "The Water Horse". It looks like a very cute movie!

Tori_z said...

Thanks... And, I did enjoy it. :)